Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seth Killian talks about the depths of SF4's new Training mode

Over at the Seth killian explains the new training mode and it benifits to new comers and casual street fighter fans.

According to Seth: "I want to make it clear that it starts you with actual basics," explains Capcom's resident Street Fighter expert and senior community manager, Seth Killian. "It begins with normal moves, then it goes on to specials, supers, ultras, two-in-one combos, chains into specials, links into specials and then finally, how to put it all together. We teach you what the pros refer to as 'bread-and-butter' combos, as well as focus cancel techniques that are useful to your particular character. So in that way, it's definitely challenging, but in my opinion its a rewarding challenge. You're not just beating your head against the wall, and if you can come out the other side, you'll find that you're really on the path to becoming great at the game."

Looks like the trainning mode is gonna be a lot of fun :-)