Friday, January 16, 2009

SF4 TE Arcade Stick wins Ign's Best of CES award

The tournament edition fight stick, this now famous piece of hardware, has not only won over our hearts we the SF fans and arcade stick whores, but also won IGN's best of CES award.

From IGN: "As one of the most hotly anticipated titles of this year, Street Fighter IV has ushered in a whole new wave of accessory and branding opportunities. It's no wonder that, of the vast plethora of gaming accessories on display at Consumer Electronics Show this year, our choice was a pairing of high-performance game controller and beautiful, officially licensed art from Street Fighter IV. Mad Catz's officially licensed Tournament Edition FightStick is a premium fighting stick that brings old-school arcade gaming to current-generation game systems. "

If you have told me few years back that a Mad catz product will be so wanted, sold out, praised for quality, and wins an award, i would have called you icrazy and ran away from you. I guess times really do change. 

source: IGN


Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly ...however, its not really madcatz we are all psyched about...its the Sanwa insides. If it were madcatz made parts inside and out, there's no way in hell I would spend 150 on that thing. ;)

Anonymous said...

Well it wouldn't cost 150 if it didn't have Sanwa insides...

Anonymous said...

the non tournament edition is just madcatz and that one is just as good to props to madcatz for there success i hope the fight pads are good 2

Anonymous said...

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