Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sony vs Microsoft: console wars to be resolved in street fighter style at CES

What better way to determine which console is better than a fight to the death in Street Fighter IV!
Capcom has announced that during this yea's CES (which starts tomorrow) two teams representing each company will fight it out in a tournament that will once and for all decide the endless batte of Sony vs Microsoft.

From Capcom unity: "The answers to life's ultimate questions will finally be decided this week in Las Vegas, on the battleground of kings...Street Fighter IV.

Where: The fabulous (and it really is kind of fabulous) Capcom suite at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.    

When:  Microsoft Community Battle is Thursday, January 8, from 7-9:30pm.  

Sony Community Battle is Saturday, January 10, from 3-5:30pm.

Capcom Unity members are welcome BOTH nights!  

Who:  You!

We're opening the door to 20 Capcom Unity members on each night.  Each invited member can also bring one guest of their choosing.

Drop this guy a message if you're interested in representing Capcom against the filthy hordes from Microsoft and Sony, and if we can get you in he'll send you a reply (unfortunately we can't accommodate everyone, so if you don't get a confirmation we won't be able to have you play).  Microsoft and Sony will also be picking 20 reps, so check here and herefor the lowdown from their end.  You must be 18+ to attend.    

Each night will feature a battle to pick a representative platform champion.  The champs will each win a Collector'sEdition Street Fighter IV, with the Microsoft champ returning to battle the Sony champ on Saturday to decide once and for all which platform rules, and which drools.   "