Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 Million Units of Street Fighter IV shipped already

Great news! Capcom announced that Street Fighter IV has shipped 2 million units worldwide already!

Now, to better understand the meaning of this: 2 million units shipped is not the same as sold. What Capcom means is that the company shipped 2 million copies of SFIV from their warehouses to retailers worldwide. But judging by the so many accounts of SFIV sold out at so many major stores, i will not be surprised if SFIV sells 2 millions by next week.

Still this is a very big number to ship, which imply a very huge demand. Other popular games do not reach 1 million shipped until weeks after the release, and to see that SFIV pulled up this massive number in only 1 week does show that the world wants more Street Fightaaaaah.

Source: Capcom Unity