Sunday, February 1, 2009

Alt Costumes are confirmed to be payable DLC ?

A recent scan (pictured above) from a ps3 dedicated magazine has surfaced today. In it, a confirmation that Alt costumes for the characters in SF4 will be pyable DLC content.

I know that this will make a lot of people mad, but in the arcades Alt costumes were acquired by purchasing them with the virtual "zeny" currency, which was obtained by playing matches. Meaning the more coins you toss up in the machine the more zenys you get. So the alts were not free on the arcade either, therefore it is not really a surprise that they are payable dlc in the home version.

I personaly just hope there will be more than just one Alt outfit per character, i want to see gym teacher Sakura, Ryu in a white shirt and jeans as in the sf2v anime, Ken wearing a suite, and finally Gouken in his blue gi that he wears in the anime flashback when he fights Akuma. Make it happen Capcom!

What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

EPIC FAIL. This crap better flops.

Anonymous said...

i'm probably not as bothered as i should be. as long as the costumes are worthwhile, then i don't mind paying for them. i doubt they'll cost too much anyway.

Anonymous said...

"i want to see gym teacher Sakura, Ryu in a white shirt and jeans as in the sf2v anime, Ken wearing a suite, and finally Gouken in his blue gi that he wears in the anime flashback when he fights Akuma. Make it happen Capcom!"

Shut up, those are stupid ideas, ryu in a shirt, geez

let me guess you alos want:
different coloured hadukens
dbz energy charge ups
face recognition
Master Chief

.. and some other silly stuff that other comic book collectors would love =/

strugler said...

"let me guess you alos want:
different coloured hadukens
dbz energy charge ups
face recognition
Master Chief "

Hell NO lol

i just like nodes to different SF anime and mangas.
The gym teacher sakura was from the Naahira Street Fighter alpha manga. Ryu in white shirt and blue jeans is from sf2 v anime series.

nothing is wrong with that bro :P

Anonymous said...

Well DUH!!!

Of course there were going to be DLC costumes! They're giving us the crappy looking ones for free.

Kitsune said...

Frankly, I don't like the alt. costumes. Sure a few of them are ok-great, but most of them are just to join in with modern trend, disrespect a character's martial art or legacy, or are just plain crp. Sorry Capcom, but SF4 isn't so great after all :I

Anonymous said...

i enjoy the alt costumes in plus its not like they will cost 10$ for 1 most likely 5$ for 2 which isnt that bad and @anon i like struglers thought bout gym teacher sakura and shirt jean must not watch alot of sf manga and anime brah and at the first comment u r a epic fail

Kevin said...

What i really want to know is what are the collector edition costumes and are they the purchasable DLC that we have to buy again to get all the characters? Or is the CE costumes a third set exclusive to CE copies? My money hopes the latter.

Thierry said...


rob said...

I just hope they don't charge $2 for each costume..which Playstation store usually has a knack of pricing things at $2 regardless what it is.

George said...

I'm satisfied with their decision. I mean come on, if you dont' like the costumes you don't have to buy them. If you do like them, well buy them. It is EXTRA. We've always been happy before with alternate colors.

Anonymous said...

alts just about work if they match the character

i.e Ryu is a Hoebo who likes a fight, you can see that in his normal custume

ken is cocky = gold chain and trainers

the pattern continues for the rest of the cast

Ryu in a shirt? Eff that

FistfulOAwesome said...

The arcade players weren't playing to get alternate costumes. They were playing for fun and were rewarded for their play with Alt. Costumes. Home version players will never get the same reward no matter how much they play. That means we are getting fleeced, even if only a little.

Will anybody change their tune if it is revealed that the costumes are on the disc?

FistfulOAwesome said...

That first commenter is an idiot. While it is annoying Capcom would succumb to one off today's dirtier business tactics (withhold finished content of any kind to make consumers who want it pay for it) I certainly will still buy the game.

Don't hate the game, hate the company.

Anonymous said...

why the hell are people complaining so much about the costumes....its extra. you don't like it don't buy. also, you can't expect capcom to make alt costumes that will satisfy every little gamers fashion taste....especially when they say stupid crap like "aw man that fails!" or " that fails so hars, it fails to fail"

Red White said...

.... I'm an SF whore and I'm buying all the crap they throw out. .... I can't help it.

gregor said...

I give SFIV making their alternate outfits paid DLC a thumbs DOWN. These outfits have been around for a while, so there's no reason why they shouldn't be included in the disc (space constraints? Time?) as part of the whole SFIV experience that gamers are paying for.

Yeah, arcade gamers didn't get the alts completely for free, but the arcade and home are two different worlds. Home gamers don't get the big screens, the arcade style controllers, the arcade crowds or ambience either, don't they? Ono's explanation that making gamers pay for the alts is just a way of 'simulating' the arcade way is... IDIOCY.

BAH. Tekken 6 will kick SFIV's butt anyway.

Anonymous said...

keep in mind Sony and Microsoft will get a cut like with every purchase.

Anonymous said...

you don't like them, don't buy them. it's a purely cosmetic thing.


"Tekken 6 will kick SFIV's butt anyway"

that's hilarious. you're a funny guy.

Ratigast said...

You guys raise a lot of good points but I thinkFistfulofawesome is right. Arcade players HAVE to put in money to play and are rewarded for playing. If 30 people play the arcade game in one day each can spend only one dollar and eventually everyone will recieve the benefits.
Console players will have ALREADY plunked down over 50 bucks to play and even MORE to play online. And now capcom wants us to spend even MORE for costumes that dont really affect the gameplay?
Insane. Why doesnt capcom just charge us for taunting mid match as well? Costumes should have become available the more often that a player played and how good they were. it would be more fun if capcom issued the costumes based on the ability to beat an opponent quickly, or a perfect in an online battle or winning without shooting a projectile for certain characters.

Anonymous said...

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