Friday, February 6, 2009

Famitsu's Street Fighter IV Review translated

A very kind Gamefaqs user has translated both the PS3 and XBOX 360 famitsu reviews of Street Fighter IV in full. Just as a reminder for you fellow readers,Famitsu awarded Street Fighter IV a good score of 34/40

PS3 Review:
Fans returning to the series should find an enjoyable experience equal to that found in SF II. Not only that but with the new system additions like the Focus Attacks (others weren’t mentioned), you’ll see that the road has been paved for a long-lasting, solid fighting experience. The online competitive component is also well implemented – though I can’t help but feel that the single-player component was a bit lacking. Or is that just me? = 9 points

SF IV’s new visual approach is amazing and sometimes you just have to stop and stare. The lag during online matches is virtually non-existent. (The actual phrase he used here is that it has been kept to an absolute minimum), and the lengths they have gone to ensure a high-quality competitive element truly makes SF IV stand above the rest. On the other hand, I have some reservations that they may have focused a bit too much on the multiplayer area and that as a result, newcomers may have a hard time breaking into the game. I also wish that there’d been a bit more the single-player mode as well. = 8 points

Street Fighter IV lives up to the series name with its enjoyable, yet aggressive combat system. The game is fairly difficult though, and beginners may find that even the easiest difficulty level will be quite hard. The ability to accept challengers while playing arcade mode is quite good. Additionally, the included anime and rival-based cutscenes will be a welcome addition for most home-based console users. = 8 points

SF IV faithfully captures the essence of ST II, so veterans of that game should be able to find their footing again with little difficulty. The game feels both familiar and new at the same time thanks to the added Focus Attacks (among other things?). The game may be a bit harsh for beginners, but the ability to search for players of similar skill level online is a big plus. = 9 points.

Xbox 360 Review:

With the ability to accept new challengers while playing arcade mode, SFIV is a very solid arcade port that is in no way inferior to arcade version. I am especially pleased with the addition of the new characters in the console version. There is a training mode type of system included for players to get a better grasp of each character’s combos, but it’s built a bit more for the intermediate player. However, the versus component of the game (didn’t specify whether it was online or not) is currently the best there is out there. = 9 points

The 360 version is almost completely identical to the PS3 version. SF IV offers not only a lot of new content, but a refreshingly easy-to-understand combat system. With these kinds of games, there’s always a huge skill gap between players in the beginning, but there is an in-game training mode that does a good job of making players want to improve. They’ve also done a good job setting up the online component to allow for new challengers to jump in at any time. = 8 points

Even with the new graphical overall and the addition of the Focus Attacks, SF IV is still the SF that you know and love. Still, the much-hyped challenger mode, and other console-specific modes (like Training and Challenge modes) don’t do that much to remake the series. However, with all the online battles you’ll be doing, it think it was good of them to include the medal / title collecting feature. = 8 points

Street Fighter IV does more than just offer an online versus mode, it even includes the innovative “challenger mode” present in the arcades. That, along with the extra features added to the console version, is enough incentive even for seasoned arcade vets to give this game a try. While I feel like there should have been a bit more to the SP mode, the intense online component is more than enough to make me a very happy man. I’m also looking to the DLC. = 9 points

SPECIAL THANX to Seabiscuite from Gamefaqs Forums!


Marco said...

as mentioned by me before a couple of time:

I CAAAANT WAIT ANYMORE!!! (as it seems amazon uk will deliver it to me[located in germany] @ 23/24 feb)

Anonymous said...

i will get it probably 19 feb in germany :D

Marco said...

where do you get it from? i mean, i could preoder it from instead BUT for whatever reason (must be a stupid one) Mad Catz doesnt sell their fightpads in germany at all :-(

and SF4 is nothing for me without a good d-pad (till now i've no experience with sticks) so i need the game WITH the pad, otherwise i just cant play (tried several DIY's to improve the d-pad, but it was, is and will ever be CRAP!)

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the PC release date... :( :( :(

Anonymous said...

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