Friday, February 20, 2009

The Legend of Chun-li Movie will not be screened for critics, i wonder why

Fox Studios has announced that Street Fighter: The legend of Chun-li will NOT be screened early for the Critics.

Why should you be worried about this move? Simple, because 95% of the time when a studio does not allow an early press screening means that the studio knows its movie suck.

Let's hope that the legend of Chun-li does fall into that remaining 5% where a studio does not allow a press screening just for the heck of it......Somehow i doubt that :-(

Source: Variety


Anonymous said...

Oh boy... I thought it couldn't get worse...

Anonymous said...

Ahaha,but it does suck!

Ian A. said...

Not quite proof that it sucks, but pretty close. The thing is that when a new movie is coming out they always show the coolest parts in the trailers - well this movie looks horrible in the trailers so the real thing must be a real pile...

Anonymous said...

Do you realized that out of 20 plus films that were so far released in 2009 only about five got screened?

Here are the 2009 films that have been have and haven't been screened:


FOX screened Bride Wars and look how much the critics trashed it:

Production Budget: $30 million - Gross: $96,360,634


Production Budget: $16 million - Gross: $49,006,025


Production Budget: $25 million - Gross: $77,342,947

Last Chance Harvey SCREENED

Production Budget: ? - Gross: $13,563,873

My Bloody Valentine 3D NOT SCREENED

Production Budget: $15 million - Gross: $62,110,095


Production Budget: $20 million - Gross: $38,457,745

Paul Blart: Mall Cop NOT SCREENED

Production Budget: $26 million - Gross: $113,720,998

Revolutionary Road SCREENED

Production Budget: $35 million Gross: $63,711,315

Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans NOT SCREENED

Production Budget: $35 million Gross: $66,278,202


Production Budget: ? - Gross: $152,037,996

The Uninvited NOT SCREENED

Production Budget: ? - Gross: $24,525,753


Production Budget: $35 million - Gross: $44,729,441

The Pink Panther 2 SCREENED

Another film trashed by the critics after being screened:

Production Budget: $19 million Gross: $29,596,681


Production Budget: $38 million Gross: $22,078,246

Friday The 13th NOT SCREENED

Production Budget: $19 million - Gross: $55,639,083

So out of 15 films listed, five got screened and out of those five, two got horribly trashed by the critics and the other three either hardly made back their money or made less in GROSS than films that weren't even screened.

So screening does NOT mean a successful film.

Anonymous said...

What an embarrassment to Street Fighter fans all over the globe... well, at least Dragonball fans feel our pain equally or more.

Anonymous said...

BISON: Game.... Ova!!!

Anonymous said...

Screenings are only done to generate good press. If a studio knows they have a bomb on their hands or that it's only going to generate negative reviews, they'll pass. It has no bearing on how much money a film will make. Now that being said, this movie will be a steaming pile and the only cash it makes will be from the fantards around here that go to see it...

Ansatsuken-TKD said...

Now THAT'S funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

Having been in the industry for over 10 years... an unscreened movie almost for sure means "no confidence" in the product. The only other possibility is to avoid bootleggers.

Anonymous said...

Kristin Kreuk and Taboo gotta eat!

Kitsune said...

Truthfully speaking, I don't think the movie will be bad; but decent.

I think the reason why the movie isn't going to be screened is because the press' opinions may be different from ours and they don't want the press to influence before we see it, that wouldn't be fair.

CREWtel said...

they probably just played the game now and realised chun-li actually has thighs unlike Kristen Kreuk

Anonymous said...

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