Friday, February 27, 2009

A new Street Fighter IV Anime short is released, featuring C.Viper

Now this freaing cool! even though the game has been released, Capcom is still giving us new anime shorts to enjoy.
This last one features C.Viper as she investigate the fall of Shadaloo during SFII events. Street Fighter fans who follow the storyline will be pelased to now that this Anime shows you who defeated Bison at the end of SFII and how.

Chec out the Anime (In japanese) Here


Holygriever said...


So you mean NO ONE defeated him? o.o

This damn little anime piece throws to the wind the endings for Guile, Cammy and Ryu!

Not pleased. =(

Holygriever said...

No, scratch that, I thought it through and made it work. Cammy's ending happens before the fight, with Bison telling her she's a "clone" and stuff. Mid-fight, Guile has a perfect opportunity to complete his vendetta, but chooses not to, lets Bison go, and instead os giving up, he goes back into fighting them all again. Ryu's ending works fine, after the fight, yadda yadda.


Anonymous said...

Ahaha,dude,indeed. I so wanted Bison to return from actual hell and not from a regenerating mashine or something. Makes him less badass lol.

oblique said...

They are still leaving the Bison / Rose connection as a mystery.

FistfulOAwesome said...

Anyone think the are going to release a second anime movie? The first one and the game didn't really do anything to explain the plot so I'd be glad if they did.

Gamer K said...

Well I dont think any SF Anime will be better than SF2 the animated movie. Its just the unexpected film that every part of it was good. I mean it re-vitalized the franchise as far as Im concerned. This new string of SF animes while better looking than Alpha still dont hold a candle to the gail that is SF2 the animated movie.

Anonymous said...

I can't see the trailer and I can't read japanese. Please help?

Martinitolove said...

This is the 4th Anime Short. The first one was Ryu vs Akuma, the second Chun-Li and the third Sakura.
The Ryu and Chun-Li videos are easily to be found at MyVideo. But the third is supposed to be released after the Chun-Li movie in theaters.
Here is the link (top right). Please help me transtlate it:

Waiting further for a translation of the VIper-Short due to incomprehension of japanese.


Anonymous said...


Kirk Ultra said...

Are these short animes original works? Or are they clips from the new SFIV movie that came with the game?

Also, does anybody have any links to the episodes that came before this new C. Viper one?

Anonymous said...

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