Monday, February 2, 2009

Sh!t load of HD Street Fighter IV vids and Screenshots!!!

Its the Motherload!!! Korean website has posted a total of 15 hd (i mean really hd best weve seen of sfiv so far) videos: 8 for ps3 and 7 for xbox 360 (starts your console war people)

The videos include both Dan and Chun-li anime prologues in glorious HD as well as cool matches. Get to work people, download the glory!!!

source: ruliweb


Anonymous said...

no need for war..the experts have spoken

"SF4 seems to have some very interesting properties regarding its rendering res, the game's normally running at the 720p, but when there're close ups (like when you're using supers) its resolution dynamically changes to 630p (1120 x 630) I did quite a bit of analysis on the shots posted at ruliweb, all the close up shots whether it's from cut scene or from middle of battle, they're all 630p. The link to the shots is..

However this is the case with the PS3 version only, the 360 version maintains its 720p resolution all time.

The 360 version incorporates 2 x AA as well (could be 4 x AA, the analysis is based on the movie files from ruliweb, so I'm not 100% certain) while the PS3 version has zero AA.

BTW, as far as I know the SF4 arcade hardware is based on the 7900, and it's got no AA as well"

Anonymous said...


Any news on the ps3 load times? I hear if its installed then it loads OK, but what if person your fight hasnt installed it?

Holygriever said...

If the vids are really accurate to what we will see when we play, I had the impression that the PS3 version runs at a slightly but noticeably higher FPS than the X-Box. Maybe because the lack of AA makes it a bit lighter on the system, and therefore smoother?

Mike said...

If it is true that the drop the resolution for the PS3 during close up, then props to Capcom for making that sacrafice for gameplay. Also it means they took their time and really worked to make the port/game good on the PS3 instead of just pushing it to PS3 and not worrying about how it actually runs.

If that is all that is different, then I will be very pleased.

Anonymous said...

the 360 version runs great, without any slowdowns or something like that. 60 fps all the time :)

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