Monday, February 23, 2009

The Street Fighter Magazine Is Here!!!

Hey Guys,

I am proud to announce the release of The Street Fighter Magazine's First Issue. If you have not heard before about the Street Fighter Magazine, it is a free distributed Online mag that covers everything Street Fighter.

The first Issue is now available for you to download here Or through Rapidshare here:

Issue #1 includes:

- TWO exclusive  and very informative interviews with Ono San and Seth Killian.

- Reviews for HD Remix and Udon SF comics

- A special SFIV section.

- Sinsation sfIV tournament exclusive coverage and interviews with top Street Fighter players.

- A history of Street Fighter Anime

- An exclusive ongoing Street Fighter Manga Series 

And Much Much More....

You Can also check the dedicated blog page for our Magazine, where all the SF Mag team will post sf related stuff regularely.

EDIT: If the first link does not work for you, you can download the magazine through rapidshare here:

You can also download the Magazine through Filefront here:;13350231;/fileinfo.html


Umi Zulaiha said...

really? must tell friend...

YouTube Addict said...

Bandwidth exceeded. :(

Ross Burt said...

ya, bandwith exceeded :( dang it, i really wanna check out the manga!

Victor "Ralf" Rosales said...

The link is broken... T_T .... Good Job with your Blog, good luck and bye!!!

strugler said...

im in the process of fixing this guys, sorry.

strugler said...

Added a rapidshare link.

dommafia said...

rapidshare blows, why not use something like ? so your readers don't have to wait to download a file (no registration needed for download, and no speed cap).

dommafia said...

oh and good job on the mag :)

strugler said...


Thanx for the suggestion and here you go:;13350231;/fileinfo.html

Anonymous said...

Nicely done !

Great job guys

M said...

Wow, that was really good. I didn't think there would be so much info in just one issue. And I REALLY have to say that is one stylish magazine. Thanks to everyone who worked on it.

Gamer K said...

Well as a long time Street Fighter I do think that SF doesnt have the mega popularity to grant it a magizine. I'll settle with this site.

dommafia said...

Thanks a lot struggler ;)

Anonymous said...

Great work guys!
Maybe you add a fanwork section with fanart, cosplays etc by Fans??
Just an Idea...

oblique said...

YOoooooooooooo STRUG what up! Congratulations on the magazine man I am proud of what you have accomplished, I remember it was only months ago that you were just starting out on this blog. And yes sir I did get my PS3 and SF4 so you know what that means. Man you should have smiled in your picture for the magazine lol, you look like a zombie with that blank stare lol.

strugler said...

@ oblique

That is my serious face lol

i promise a lot of smiling with issue 2 :P

Anonymous said...

This is fun, but why is there not Kazakistani Translation ?
Me not Khappie

chillcut said...

Well done - nothing more to say :) (except: when to expect the next issue?)

Anonymous said...

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looper_k said...

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3~Street Fighter IV - Game Making The Birth of Street Fighter IV-[PRODUCER YOSHINOR ONO]

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4~Street Fighter IV - CG Movie Making [Toshio Ohashi n Shiro Kinemura]

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5~Street Fighter IV - Seiyuu Interview [VOICE ACTOR INTERVIEW]

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Anonymous said...

Nice work guys. Congrats on the first issue. I use Issuu for my mag, which you may find helpful. You can see it at the link below, (with a Ken Siu-Chong and Chamba interview to boot!)

All the best for the mag.

Leal said...

Nice Magazine. I've been a fan of street fighter from ever since and would love to be part of your creative team. Well provided I am qualified. Nice work though. Keep it up.

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