Monday, February 16, 2009 reviews Street Fighter IV

I think we can safely name this day official SFIV review day since another review just hit the web. As you must have guessed it is another extremely positive review of the game done by

From the review: "The mark of a brilliant fighter, as all fighting game fans know, is a balanced roster. Having one or two characters that are by a country mile better than the rest is what you want to avoid. Capcom has done an admirable job in this respect with Street Fighter IV. No single character seems overpowered. Ryu will be popular, due to his ability to hit juggled opponents with his Ultra. Sagat is his usual powerful self. Newcomer Abel is fun and, with his invulnerable roll and command throw, is a dangerous threat. The characters will be ordered into tiers, of course, but what appears to be the case is that every character has, in the right hands, a chance against every other. You can't ask for any more really. " went ahead and awarded the game a 9/10.


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