Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Street Fighter Magazine is looking for two talented people to join the team!

Hey Guys!

I am sure you have all checked the Street Fighter Manga we have now running at the back of the Street Fighter magazine, drawn by the talented awesome Philip wright, and written by yours truly ;-)

The manga is turning up to be bigger than what we expected and we are in immediate need of two talented people to join and help us with the final product.

Currently we are looking for 2 people to fill the following positions:

Manga Inker/Toner: Your Main job will be to Inking and Toning the Comic pages pencilled by Philip. We are producing about 15 pages a month. 

Leterer: Your job will be the adding of the sound effects and speech balloons to the Manga, in a dynamic way.

Interested? if so Show us your skills.
For Inkers, please submit a page you have inked and toned.
For Letterers send us page where you have added couple speech baloons and dynamic sound effects.

Send all submissions to:


Gamer K said...

As much as I love to work on this, I dont meet any of your needs at this time. But if you need a writer Im avalible hahahah.

Leal said...

I am also a writer. And am willing to help in anyway for I am fan of street fighter for years and still am. I have a degree in writing so I should be of help. I hope. I have written scripts for Megaman and Xmen. But for my own writing purposes.

Anonymous said...

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