Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sven says SSF2THD Remix Patch details coming very soon

When asked about the promised upcoming SSF2THD Remix patch, Christian svenson said:

There should be news very, very soon on this. There have been  "developments" since I've last updated but I'll wait for the producer to provide the update. "

Hopefully connections to other players will be more stable than what it is right now.

source: Capcom Unity


Dawkness23 said...

speakin of patches, whats up with the championship edition patch or whatever it was called for sf4 that allowed us to save fight replays and what not?

Anonymous said...

i no but seriously is there ne1 still playin hdredmix when sfiv is out?

i mean seriously hdremix was great and had its run but sfiv is a upgrade and funner

Anonymous said...

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