Monday, March 30, 2009

videoS of the day: All Alt colors and personal actions for the whole sf4 roster


The Human Resource said...

I wish the taunts did something like in SF3 or SFAlpha2.

1% damage if close
slight offense increase, etc

They're still good for goating the enemy into rage attacks though.

CheElmo said...

why does english Abel sound like Jean-Claude Van Damme????? has anyone else noticed that?

FistfulOAwesome said...

Abel is French and Van-Damme is Belgian (though he lived a portion of his life in France). Maybe you just think their accents are similar.

Anonymous said...

can you use them all apart with different buttons? or is it random?

Anonymous said...

Nope, you must set only one or none after selecting your character

Anonymous said...

The post title is confusing. It's all taunts with alternate color on ORIGINAL costume.

Besides that great post.

martinitolove said...

Are there other taunts with the alternate costumes you can buy on the net?

webmaster said...

Admin I dont know if you can read this but I hope you do, also if you can pass any message to the capcom staffs I hope you can tell them about these suggestions:

Bison's person action which fixing his hat, is wrong with his alt. costume, since he has got no hat at all, they had fixed the winning motion by touching his head but they didnt fix the personal action.

second, they could drop in a HARDCORE MODE or watever, this lets CPU AI actually uses the combo links in trial easy or hard, which Virtua Fighter 5 has already done this (CPU performing realistic player combos in Quest mode CPU matches)


Anonymous said...

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