Friday, April 17, 2009

Asian Playstation 3 Street Fighter IV Tournament available to download

An Asia wide PS3 Street Fighter IV tournament was just held recently. Thanx to a chinese Street Fighter IV website we now have the full tournament available to dwonload via bittorrent.

I am not sure if any of the SF4 beasts (Daigo or poongko) have participated but i will check for you guys and edit the post later.

EDIT: ponngko is indeed participating in this tournament. must be fun to watch muahahaha

EDIT2: to download the rorrent file right click on the link above and choose save as, of you will need a torrent client to be able to download.

special thanx to srk user Ato for posting the link.


Anonymous said...

will this work on the uk version if we download it?

Anonymous said...

the torrent includes MP4 videos only, you can watch them on you computer...
btw, I've been watching a couple of those videos and believe me, the fights doesn't look like tournament fights, they look like if they're practicing or was the first time the play the game... geez i can beat them easily...

Ian A. said...

Where in Asia did this take place? Hong Kong? The language doesn't sound like mandarin Chinese, (which I speak a little.)

Others said the fights look amatuer but not to me, there are some good ones and they are taking advantage of the different systems like ex moves and focus attack, some good combos too.

Anonymous said...

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