Thursday, April 23, 2009

Capcom unity interviews Daigo and Ino

A pretty fun to read interview of Daigo (the beast) and Iyo (the Dhalsim Japanese champion) from Capcom Unity, where they talk about Street Fighter IV in general.

From The interview:

Shino: What is it that keeps you playing SFIV? What’s so fun about it?

Iyo: Well, I could not win when I first started to play. I was so bad at it. 
So many good players who are also my friends I met through playing Capcom vs. SNK2 started to play SFIV. So I naturally got introduced to the game.  But it was October while all the other strong players had been playing since July. I started late. It’s not an excuse but I just could not win. So I started play more seriously. Definitely when I finally won though, I felt the joy. I’ve been enjoying the game ever since. You get to play with so many strong players, and that’s fun.

Daigo:  Like I said earlier, it’s just so great to have a large player pool. Even if a game is great, if you don’t have anyone to play with, then it’s just no fun. So, having the huge community like what it has is just a great fun factor.

Daigo: I do have to say that I’m impressed overall. It’s a whole brand new game with many more characters and very well balanced. It’s very good for the first installment of a brand new game. Normally, the first installment is bad, and the second one gets improved. And this is especially true for Capcom games. So, SFIV is a really well-done game. 

Iyo: Yeah, I can’t agree with him more.

source: Capcom Unity


Gamer K said...

I do agree with Daigo about the game being well made vs other SF games and that the online community gives the game a life span much longer than traditional fighting game. But I we would be in different about the balance of the game.

Anonymous said...

Since SFIV is balance, try to use vega, El fuerte, chun etc. please.

Anonymous said...

I agree with vega and el fuerte, but chunli??? come on!

Anonymous said...

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