Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kotaku Previews Street Fighter IV for the PC

The folks over at Kotaku got the chance to play the pc version of Street Fighter IV at Captivate 09 and wrote a little preview from their experience.

From the article: "What Needs Improvement?

Online: While I'm told the online portion of Street Fighter IV will include all of the features found in the console versions, it won't include anything new. The thing is, this is running on a PC, so why not include a bit more, like some way for gamers to hangout and watch matches online while waiting to fight? Capcom says they are looking into it.

What Should Stay The Same?

Controls: The controls feel identical to the console version. Playing with a Street Fighter fight pad made it impossible for me to tell the difference between the console and PC versions. "

To read the full thing click here.

source: Kotaku


Anonymous said...

2 Whom It May Concern...

PLEASE try 2 include (for all versions/consoles):

The ability 2 watch matches.

MultiPlayer Lobbies 4 all online modes (with the ability 2 stay Nd watch the rest of the tournament/other matches if U lose).

It would also B gr8 if those watching can B notified if a replay has been "earned".

PS: If none of these will ever B included (on a certain version/console).... Then it would really B nice if U would PLEASE in4m us so that we dont have 2 keep our hopes up/wait 4 something that is never going 2 arrive.

Thank U 4 Ur Time.


Anonymous said...

I second that request

Anonymous said...

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