Monday, April 20, 2009

Seth Killian tells the story of the SF4 National Tournament's final

Over at the Capcom Unity blog, Seth Killian wrote the whole story of what happened at the Street Fighter IV National US Tournament.

From the article: "The Grand Finals were a great display of non-standard characters, with Mike Ross continuing to rep E. Honda vs Justin Wong’s relentless Rufus.  Although Honda has a very strong defense, Wong made the most of his opportunities, and put the offensive burden on Ross with careful spacing that required Honda to move forward to attack, thereby preventing Honda from also using his two best threats (torpedo and butt-flop, both of which can’t be charged while walking forward).  After a brief celebration with his EVO Golden Ticket and the GameStop SFIV Champion Cup, it was time to face the best the world has to offer. "

source: Capcom Unity