Saturday, April 4, 2009

SF Blog Reviews Street Fighter 2 Turbo # 5

Story: The story shifts to Japan, where the second set of qualifying rounds is taking place under Vega’s watch. A battle royale takes place with Zangief, Mika, Sodon and Speaking of E.Honda, Ken sui Chong does a brilliant job showing a young Honda and how he became the Sumo wrestler we all love. We also get a glimps on how Dan, the goofy fan favorite, got his invitation for the preliminaries hint: it involves a character in a red outfit that we haven’t seen since alpha 3 wink wink.

Ken sui chong latest approach of using key characters flashbacks during the finght or main story to show their intention and motives works brilliantly and I certainly hope this approach will be used in the next issue.

The back-up Story of this issue involves C.Viper as she tests her High Tech suit for the first time. Nothing original here, in fact this was the weakest back up story and it feels a bit dull sicne we pretty much all know what Viper Can do with her suit.

All in all, Turbo #5 offers a very solid and well paced main story that alternates perfectly between action and story-telling and ends with a great cliff hanger that will make some old Street Fighter 1 fans fast forward themselves to next month to see the next issue.. The back-up story, on the other hand, is a bit dull and offers nothing new but, again, this just a bonus story that does not hurt the overall issue not even one bit.


The Art: The main story is of course drawn by Chamba, who is here doing a far better job than any previous issues. The characters themselves look the same as they did in the last two issues but the coloring is a bit different. Not sure if this was intentional, but the colors are more vivid than what they used to be in previous issues and not as dark and gritty as before.

The Back up story is drawn by Steven Cummings who does a good job portraying the action. The characters look nice but my only complain is the angles and perspectives the artist chooses to draw. While they are original, they give a feeling of disproportion between characters (Character A looks closer than character B, even though A is behind B) this however does not occur in all the panels but only a couple. Still, Steven Cumming, who is new to the Street Fighter Comics, does a great job here and I am sure the artist will deliver even better the more he get used to the action pace of the Street Fighter world.


Closing Comment:  Street Fighter 2 Turbo #5 is without a doubt the best Street Fighter 2 Turbo issue. The story is smart, intriguing and well paced and the Art is spectacular. I never get enough of watching Chamba’s action panels (I can’t believe I am saying this, me who hated Chamba’s style in the start of the series) even though some of his characters designs may still need some polishing (Vega’s face, Cammy, and Ryu’s hair). The back-up story is the only drawback of the whole issue as it offers nothing interesting but no complains here since it was just a bonus story.

Final Score: 9/10 (Very Good)

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Anonymous said...

event hubs has posted a video of a Abel Sf4 infinate combo

FistfulOAwesome said...

2 Things: Didn't Dan's SFIV anime prologue state that he didn't participate in the SFII tournament? I don't mean he didn't try for it, Dan says he missed the whole thing.

Also, why is it that something can't be described as dark without also being described as gritty?

strugler said...


dude you can't use dark with adding gritty! it's like ordreding fires with no ketchup, like eating a bagel with no cream cheese, it's like using the name paris hilton without adding the word skank. you get the idea ;-)

Os said...

what's going on with the street fighter magazine?
when are we going to see the 2nd issue?

strugler said...

@ Os

soon my friend, we are hard at work on that one. Unfortunately we run into some issues. A preview cover should be posted in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Its not a infinate combo, because it stops doing damage eventually.

Also it only works on Chun Li and Rufus.

Anonymous said...

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