Thursday, April 9, 2009

SFIV US National winners will face the international beasts

The SFIV US National finals will take place in few days (April 18th) so what happen to the winners? will they will go to vegas to face the following international beasts:

Chung-gong Lee the Korean SFIV Champion:

Iyo the Japanese SFIV Tournament Winner:

And Daigo or what i like to call him "the beast from the east":

Will the US champions fair against these SFIV monsters ? your call

source: Capcom Unity


Anonymous said...

regarding the last question...
LOL of course not!

Anonymous said...

honestly I'd like to see more of that korean bloodsport kid. it really looks like he's playing a few scrubs making him look a lot better than he is. I don't think he's gonna be dominating any of the players at this tourny like shown here.

they should have replaced him with momochi

Anonymous said...

totally agree, that akuma was sooo weak

Anonymous said...

u r underestimating the US my friend lol

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone else noticed that...

all that kid was doing was a few focus fakes, a bunch of c.lp shit, and punished a few wakeup srk's

as far as the U.S. goes. I would love to see it and I'm rooting for us. but I do think that Daigo and Iyo are going to J-pop a nut all over us.

Acecalibur said...



Anonymous said...

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