Monday, April 27, 2009

Street Fighter IV power pack: The good, the bad, and the fugly

After spending extensive ammount of time playing the latest street fighter IV expansion pack, dubber power pack in North America, i present to you dear readers my thoughts on this free dlc divided into 3 section: The good, the bad, and the of course the Fugly

The Good:

- Replays (need i say more?)
- Revamped Online mode
- Level of competition is quite high
- Double blind selection in Championship mode
- The ranking up system is awesome
- Ability to save replays for xbox 360 version
- Some character balance changes (infinites are gone, Zangief lariat has new hitboxes, Fei's chicken wing has more frames)

The Bad:

- Champioship mode is not really a tournament mode
- The inability to save replays for the ps3 version (seriously this is one bad decision that will back fire)
- No character balance change list
- No changes to the netcode
- Still no lobbies (makes me a sad panda)

The Fugly:

- The Replay Voting system for the Ps3 (seriously it is so bad its beyond belief. First you can only vote as goodm funny or awesome, second: the voting icons are in the middle in the screen and they are so annoying whith their sounds and number popping up it is really horrible and pointless. I will take the ability to save replays over the voting system anytime)


The championship dlc adition is definitly a welcomed addition to the online world of SF4. The competion is fierce and watching replays is awesome. The ranking system is really a huge plus. Despite minor nitpicks, like the lack of lobbies and the inclusion of the really bad voting systemon the ps3, the powerpack dlc is still an AWESOME free expansion, and i take this opportunity to Thank capcom for giving us a free dlc expansion pack. I guess we can all be happy now and stop complaining abt the costumes paid dlc, Right? right?  

What do you guys think?


FistfulOAwesome said...

I was done complaining about the alts. months ago. All the cool kids are now complaining about how the game kinda sucks.

Anonymous said...

bull shit.

The profit from the ALT custumes pays for this development many times over. How much work do you guys this went into it?

If this was a PC game, this mod would of appeared ALOT sooner. Hell look the game is clearly broken for online games, quick match? Bull shit.

Capcom, know fans want lobbies and know fans want SF3 characters, 3 fu£king guesses whats going to be in next years version of sf4.

Anonymous said...

I think there are other priorities that should of being way higher on the list before adding a new mode.

Capcom love bleeding their fanbase, yes its better than nothing, but fanbase support is well justified.

Like how we throught the ALT were unlockable, is similar to the way we hoped capcom would listen and make changes in this patch, capcom love letting their fans speculate.

This leaves me with the same impression for this update as i have with street fighter. I'm happy its here, but man, its not the answer i wanted it to be.

Dan =D said...

yes. i agree it is great. but Idk why people feel the need to use blanka all the time just because they can earn more point. and they wait for you to do any attack and the use electricity ... and i hate to say it but these are people with like 2000+ gp points. i guess everyone cant be happy. but come on that is not strategy that is just i have to win every match regardless of how stupid i am... no skilled noobs. X_X

Gamer K said...

Well... its free so you get what you pay for but if this is what Capcom thinks of giving fans what they want well to that I say to them "I think Ill play KOF 12 instead. Call me when you are ready to make SF5."

Anonymous said...

PS3 users wants to record replays... hello, capcom, HELLO WTF are you there ? HEEEELLLLLOOOO are you giving your ass to M$???. And you want us to buy you lazy-ass-stupid-egocentric-overpriced-useless DLC ? haha... Start by giving us quality free ones... -_-

Anonymous said...

I am extremely happy with this game...except for the lobby BS it is killing this game online for me. I hate making random small talk with one person for 2 rounds. ususally I don't even plug in my mic. but then I play HD remix and we talk about strategies and mistakes. also having a blast trying to knock down the bastard that keeps winning...MUCH CLOSER TO AN ARCADE EXPERIENCE. possibly one of the most retarded moves in gaming history is to not add a lobby to this game. I mean really?? REALLY???

Anonymous said...

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