Friday, May 15, 2009

Here comes the SF4 PC Specs!!!

Finally, the specs needed to run SF4 on your pc have been announced.
According to shizowa San over at the SF4 Dev blog, these are the minimum and recommended specs to be able to hadoken and shoryuken some butt using your keyboard:

As you can see the specs are in Japanese but pretty straighforward. The column on the left is for the minimum specs while the one on the right is for the recommended setting.

A pentium 4 2.0GHZ with 1 GB Ram, windows xp, and a geforce 6600 with 256 ram is the bare minimum. While a pc with vista, Intel core Duo 2.0GHZ, 2GB Ram, Gefrece 8800 with 512 ram is the recommended settings.

Of course Direct x 9 or above, as well as a keyboard (duh!) or controller are required but that's a no brainer.

The PC version, like any modern PC game, will also allow a number of graphical customizations: 
  • FPS Realtime Display
  • Antialiasing Settings
  • Full Screen
  • Display Resolution
  • Display Refresh Rate
  • Display V-synch
  • Frame Rate
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Parallel Rendering
  • Texture Filter
  • Model Quality
  • Background Quality
  • Shift Shadow Quality
  • Self Shadow Quality
  • Mosion Blur Quality
  • Particle Quality
  • Extra Touch

What do you think of the specs? Can your pc run this game? Let us know in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, baby, yeah!

Anonymous said...

My Macbook Pro will run it fine which i will enjoy playing SF4 at lunchtime during work, My MacPro will run it like a champ! All in bootcamp under XP.

Bruno Peixoto said...

yeah, it can, but it's under recommended. I have a 8500GT. I just want to know which sacrifices i have to do to keep the game at 60fps!

Yagami__ said...

Yeah baby...!! :)
Fully Loaded for this baby to kick asses....

Anonymous said...

do you have to pay to play windows games for PC online?

Bruno Peixoto said...

no, no need to pay

Ratigast said...

okay I know im going to sound like a complete newb, but I really want to get this game for PC but i dont know how to check the specs to make sure my desktop can run it :x. Help

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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