Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jap-Sai your one and best stop for Street Fighter Collectibles?

While looking for some rare Japanese Street Fighter books on ebay, i stumbled upon link of a website called Jap-sai which i chose to explore.

It didn't take me long to be surprised at the ammount of Street Fighter Collectibles (as Well as SNK games collectibles) i found on the website.

In fact every Street Fighter game ever released and special editions, with every Street Fighter Mangas, animes, artbooks, soundtracks as well as the hard to find japanese gamest mooks.

I myself ordered some hard to find SNK mangas and will be buying some SF goodness soon. The website does offer international shipping too.

one of the many gems i was very surprised to find, is the first Street Fighter II Tribute book published officialy by capcom in 1993, pictured below:

Each street fighter game ever released has its own page and section with all the collectibles related to it.

Make sure to give the webite a visit whenever you are craving some hard to find SF or SNK goodness

Website is located here:


CheElmo said...

hey, i found this site on wednesday. and 2 minures ago, i made an order for the Hyper Street Fighter Special Anniversary Pack. hopefully, i shall get the limited edition of 3rd strike next month

Anonymous said...

such an awesome website. i wish i was rich so i could buy the whole street fighter collectibles they have, and the fatal fury ones, and the samurai shodown, and king of fighters....

sux im poor

Anonymous said...

yeah I've used them before - great service, items in great condition, great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Any news on Marvel Vs Capcom 2? I hear u can create ur own custom playlists?

Shawn said...

Wow. I'm not a collector type, but I love seeing the art and reading the canon backstory online! This site has some art I have never seen on the internet before!!!!!I wish I could afford to buy some of these "mook" things I read about. Does anyone know if this site lists all known official art books? I've always wondered exactly where the various art and some of the "facts" like Zangeif's & Poison's sexuality come from or the source that says Guile and Dhalsim's kids are pen pals. I see things like that said by people, but it seams no one ever knows the exact source of that information.

Anonymous said...

"the source that says Guile and Dhalsim's kids are pen pals..."

you can see that on SF4 Dhalsim's ending (i think)

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