Monday, May 4, 2009

SFIV PC will be also distrubed digitally, retail version to have securom

According to Sven, the PC version of Street Fighter IV will also be available digitally through the following digital games distributors: Steam, Gamersgate, direct2Drive, Digital river, Metaboli, Gametap, impulse and others!

When Asked about what fort of DRM will the pc version of SFIV uses, sven replied with the following: "

"The Steam version will use Steam's DRM. Retail will use SecuROM. Other digital outlets will use either SecuROM or that specific outlet's proprietary DRM mechanism (for those that have them). Games for Windows keys will be required for online play, regardless of outlet.

As such, all versions will have some form of DRM (regardless of how you choose to define DRM

securom is of course the antichrist of the PC games for gamers, but let's see how Capcom will implement it (limited numbers of install = NAY for me)

source: Capcom Unity