Saturday, May 30, 2009

Shizowa san hinting again at a new version of Street Fighter IV?

Shizowa san is at it again! In her last blog post the sf4 producer hinted again that the second itteration of SFiv is in the works. below is a description and partial translation of shizowa san post according to Fallenangel from SRK:

In today's blog post. Shiowaza san hints AGAIN and AGAIN at the possibility of a SF4 sequel. I think they already decided and we're gonna see it in less than a year (arcade jap version at least).

She says that today she has nothing to write about, not because she has no more news or material to talk about, but because she can't talk about it AT THIS TIME.

She writes that SF4 producer Ono will be appearing in Tougeki in a video message to the community. Shiowaza says that she has "no idea" what the message is about but seeing him preparing it makes her feel that it's something "out of the ordinary" and that "something's being planned". She then recommends everyone to not miss Tougeki.

Just to be clear: no they didn't confirm anything, but the way it's being suggested again and again, I think it's clear that they will announce a sequel sooner than later. Maybe it's just an update to the arcade version, who knows.

Edit: Shiowaza also mentioned that soon she'll be revealing "new information" about the PC version. I hope it's nothing crappy like more filters.

SBO, also knows as tougeki, will be held in Japan this summer. I guess this is another reason (besides the great level of comepetion) to look forward to the event.

Source: SF4 Dev Blog and SRK


Ansatsuken-TKD said...

*yells at Shiozawa-san* FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD, QUIT TEASING ME!!!!!

Anonymous said...

whateva they do it better be d/c or else im gonna pissed off, im not forkin out $$$ to buy the game again for extra costumes and such

Anonymous said...

now I see it..

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