Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Street Fighter 2 Turbo #6 Review!

The 6th issue of the Street fighter 2 Turbo comics hit the stands last week. This issue will really please old final fight fans as it is not only full of ff cameos but also includes a Final fight bonus story

story: The story in Metro city, where the US sf2 qualifiers are going to be held. we are first introduced to Cody (whom his love for fighting never fails to cause him imprisonment) is about to break free from jail after learning of the SF tournament, eventually the street brawler succeeds and joins the rest of the fighters into the us qualifiers arena.
The story moves to Japan, where last issue ended. Honda and Zangief are teaming against the ninjas of the Geki clan, who are unfortunately portrayed as very week shinobis, which lead both Zangief and Honda to easily qualify for the SF tournament. 

A fun short Fight between fan favorites Dana and Sakura also takes place in Japan, where Sakura is trying to find her way to the sf2 tournament to show Ryu that she has improved since the last time they met. The story ends with the US qualifiers about to start in one of the weirdest ways ever possible!

The issue also includes a really cool backup story of Final Fight's mike Haggar where we learn bout the popularity of the character and how smiliar he is to Arnold shwazenegger.

Unfortunately, the story of Issue #6 does not add anything new to the overal storyline except for the introduction of Cody and Haggar from Final fight. The ending of the issue does feel a bit weird, since the US qualifiers are not going to be fighting matches but more of a hide and seek invitations from Balrog, where there are 4 hidden invitation letters across a explosives filled building and the competitors need to find them before the whole thing blows up. While this might sound weird, a little bird told me that this will end up in some cool battle royale fighting in the next issue.

Art: The main story is as usual drawn by Chamba Cruz who is now doing a great job drawing and coloring the comics. After reading this issue i went ahead and looked at issue 1 for the sake of comparison, and Chamba has definetly improved and surely has proven that he has what it takes to handle such iconic characters.

The backup story is drawn by Eric Vedder, who did a fantastic job portraying the final fight characters. His style is also very close to Alvin lee and Arnold Tsang. I would definetly want to see a Final Fight comic drawn by Eric.

Closing comment: Even though Street Fighter II turbo #6 is not a spectacular issue it is still a fun to read book. I think the main issue of the qualifiers sf comic issues is that we already know who the winners are going to be. Since we all know that only the 16 Super Street Fighter characters are the one who are going to make it to the tournament. One thing that might please a lot of fan is the ammount of exposure the final fight characters are getting, pretty much every Final Fight character has some sort of cameo in this issue, and that alone is enough of a reason to get this issue. i do hope however that the upcoming issue 7 will make up for this issue and hopefully will surpass the excellent Street Fighter II Turbo #5.

Final Score: 6.5/10


FistfulOAwesome said...

It's hard for me to dislike anything with Mike Haggar in it (Screw Guy, Mike Haggar is the coolest Final Fight character and the one Real Men choose when they play).

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