Monday, July 20, 2009

EVO 09 Street Fighter IV finals Video hilights and recap

If you have missed the Awesome Street Fighter IV evo finals yesterday and you are too lazy to watch the whole finals from the video i posted here are a few of the great great matches that were taking place yesterday. Remember pretty much every match was a great must watch game but i will only post the few exceptional ones that caught my attention.

Dan From Japan:

I will start with a new face that most people who are unfamiliar with the Japanese CVS2 scene would not recognize: Dan from Japan (real name Takashi Hukushi) did a spectacular job using Ryu to reach the final eight. Takashi is Daigo's close friend and sparring partner. Check out this video of Dan against Mechanica:

Unfortunately for Takashi, he will go ahead and lose against Sanfor Kelly's amazing Cammy. Some people suggested that a factor that contributed to his lost is the fact that Takashi plays mainly on aracdes and therefore he was unfamiliar of Cammy's SF4 moves and priorities. check out the Takashi vs Sanford vid:

Ed ma:

Ed ma, known for his ruthless Akuma, also put a great show during Evo 09. He was first able to derat Mike Ross and his undestructible Honda in one of the great games of the 5 on 5 exhibition:

Ed ma ended advancing to the finals only to fight against the beast himself, Daigo Umehara. While Ed ma did pull off a great game he was no match for the Japanese beast and SFIV champion:


Juicebox was one of the best participants at this year's EVO. His Abel is definetly the best i have seen and he did not dissapoint and gave the crowds all the reasons to cheer and scream. Plus it was also funny to see Juicebox doing his Karate chops and katas whenever he lands and Ultra or wins a round. Check out his Semifinasl Match against LLoveu-Joe:

Sanford Kelly and Eduardo Perez:

Bonth Kelly and Perez showed great skills during their matches. Notably the Final match where both these guys faced each other in a great Honda vs Akuma:

Ricky Ortiz and Shady K:

Maybe new to a lot of folks including myself, Ortiz is a veteran of the tournaments scene, and it did not takehim long to prove it with his ruthless Rufus. Ortiz ranked number 8 in the overall tournament, and lost to Shady K's Akuma after a fierce fight:

The Final Match: Daigo vs Wong

In what is considered the greatest game of the whole Evo, Daigo umehara faced Justin Wong (again) in this year's EVO final match. Justin surprised everyone by playing as Balrog, a bold move that shook Daigo in the beggining. Daigo will quickly recover and get used to Justin's technique to ultimately defeat him and wins the title of EVO 09 Street Fighter IV Champion:

Definetly a great match that will be remebered in years to Come. I would sum up this Evo finals hilights by saying that all palyers did a fantastic Job. This evo was full of hype and excitement and was really, in my humble opionion, the best evo tournament ever. The players were skilled the crowd was great and the matchups were insane. Congratulations to all the winners and especially Daigo Umehara for getting another SF4 championship title.


Anonymous said...

justin wong is a prick who is so full of himself.

look at him standing after winning 1 match and waving like he won the soccer world cup.

that guy is so full of himself i bet even his fart has a big ego.

MVKone said...

Ortiz is Ricky Ortiz, Not Tito Ortiz. Nor is he new to the tournament scene. Ricky Ortiz has been around for a while and is one the more well known players around.

strugler said...
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haggardaz said...

thanks for the finals update strug, was a good reading and great final match man. Diego is an amazing player. justin did good job but i don't like his show of.

Anonymous said...

yeah Justin = Real life Dan Hibiki

I was praying for Daigo not that he needed it.

Justin did play a great game though, but I'm glad he got smoked.

strugler said...

@ MVKone

fixed! early morning writing can be a bitch (can't believe i called ortiz, tito LOL i need to cut down from watching UFC).

and yes ortiz kicks so much ass.

R. said...

justin's whole demeanor is an embarrassment, even the way he speaks sound like a complete spaktard. without grace or charm. his parents must be ashamed.

daigo is one classy guy, sooo glad the best man one on the day!!!

Ian A. said...

All the videos are taken down because of copyright issues?

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

WTF say the last one OMFG

Anonymous said...

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