Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Street Fighter II Turbo #8 Review: Let the awesomeness begin!

It has finally happened! The big tournament, the most important event in the Street Fighter mythos, has just begun in the latest Street Fighter II Turbo issue. With the 16 characters from the hit Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo game participating in this glorious event, expect tons of fights, surprises, and WTF moments that will sure make you remember the SF2 Turbo comics Maxi series.

The issue starts with the 16 fighters riding a boat to Shadaloo secret base where the tournament will be help away from the eyes of the world governments and military. The issue does not take long to explain the rules of the tournament which will be a single elimination event and the three last standing contestants will fight against the shadaloo kings (Vega, Balrog, and Sagat) and whoever wins against the shadaloo lords will get ot fight bison in a 1 vs, 2vs 1or 3 vs one final match.

The current Tier is as follow:

I am also taking this opportunity to announce that from now until Issue #9 comes out we will be discussing the fights that have occurred in the tournaments and the different matchups as well as predicting the outcome of the fights to come, and I am counting on you guys to discuss with in the comments section.

The issue also marks the first time where Ryu meets Chun-li (could you believe they haven’t met yet???) in an interesting panel that was cleverly felt ignored. Dhalsim is also looking to be an important character in the tournament which might make things a bit more interesting
The fights are gorgeous looking and while they are bit short, a little bird told me that the fights will be getting longer as we get less people left on the tournament.

Chamba did a fantastic job again, and his Ryu is as badass as ever. Although the backgrounds can be a bit empty, the action does make up for it, and if you have been reading the comic you will know that when drawn by chamba, the action looks like its popping out of an anime or movie.

And as bonus to this buffet of awesome, street Fighter II Turbo #8 includes a backup story of the fan favourite young ninja Ibuki. The story is a fun ride drawn by Omar dogan and it makes Ibuki more lovable than she already is.

Street Fighter fans around the globe, this without a doubt is the best most exciting issue of the Street Fighter comics we have seen in years, and this is just the beginning of the tournament. I really did not want the issue to end and was mad to realize I have to wait for a whole month before getting the next issue. I salute udon for the great job they did in this issue in both writing and drawing.
And just in case you did not get this issue yet I tell you this: “are you insane? GO get it NOW”

Score: 10/10 (a must have)


emrah said...

Wowwwwwwwwww Story chunli lost ryu ... :::::::::::)))

Grifo said...

Is Capcom or Udon paying you to praise Chamba's artwork? I'm enjoying the storyline, but his faces are trash. I can't recognize ONE single character through facial features, the expressions are very poorly drawn, and the women are just plain fugly. To his credit, i like the dinamics of his panels, but the faces are a serious turn-off.

strugler said...


naw man no one is paying me a dime, thats why im broke lol

back to the point, i used to hate chamba's work but i just love it now, he is still no alvin lee or even Joe Ng but his style works great and he did improve (check back issue 1 and compare it to 8 and you will see)

Grifo said...

Yea i can agree he improved quite a bit, he's still not getting a single face right though. I'd rather have SF IV's comic artist on this title as well.

Shahryar said...
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Shahryar said...

Anyone care to get me up to speed on what I need to read to catch up to this comic? Is it just the first 7 issues of Street Fighter II Turbo or is there something else too. So far, I've just done the ones from a few years back.. Round 1 Fight, New challengers, fighter's destiny, and the bonus issue (#4). I'm planning on getting street figther legends and have sakura ganburu which I haven't read yet

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Yea i can agree he improved quite a bit, he's still not getting a single face right though. I'd rather have SF IV's comic artist on this title as well. 2945abc45 0126