Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deejay, a new stage, new song, new mode and a new Trailer to be revealed this thusrday

You heard that right folks! Shizowa san has revealed today in the new re-designed Super Street Fighter Blog, that this coming Thursday (oct 1st) a new trailer will show the new characters (including Dee jay) in Motion as well as the revelation of a new stage, a new song (plz ;let it be good and let it replace indestructible) as well as a new mode.

Shizowa san als revealed that we will be getting development update every Tuesday and Friday(instead of just Friday) starting from this week, although as an exception for this week Friday's update which will occur Thursday.

I for one is hoping for a story heavy mode a la blazblue. What about you guys?


Anonymous said...

For most fans the story isnt the strong point for street fighter. Its the online.

Adding more to the offline stuff will really be for the kind of fan that would collect comics.

Ross Burt said...

More background stages!! That's what I'm looking for, they need to add at least one per every new character i would say! Story isn't a strong point as u say, but still cool in a fun way

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ross, Every character should have a stage... Just like the original SF2. I think that was the only thing that I could see missing from IV.

Oh and.... You know deep down you love the "indestructible" theme!

Masamune_Shadow said...

You mean by "Heavy story ala BlazBlue" that None of the story you play even matters until you get the "true end" which is really just a really long cutscene with disapointing anime cutscenes in them?

That said, I enjoyed them, and watching some of the silliness/what could have beens.

But I'm sorry, I gotta play through the story mode, and LOSE every battle for that 1% more completion? nothankyou.jpg

Thanks for the info about the updates though!

BlueSwim said...

What I want out of the single player in a fighting game is something significant like Virtua Fighter 5's Quest mode. It took me around 20 hours to beat to 100% completion and I loved every minute of it. Having hundreds of unique arcade player A.I. was perfect for those(like me) who don't have constant access to XBL or local competition and still enjoy fighting games. That kind of mode should be mandatory in all fighting games.

Fighting games are like racers, better played with others but still enjoyable for solo players.

Dan said...

idc. omg juri is so cool i think that the main thing that should be added in the new game is every character has combo into ultra.. but juri and if they put ibuki on here will be my main i will give up balrog.. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

















DR Jam said...

Best VG article I've read in a long time. I'm gonna post the link in my forum signature.

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