Monday, September 28, 2009

New Super Street Fighter IV Trailer + Ono san Interview

Folks, the hype is through the roof! Not we only we get to see a brand new trailer of Super Street Fighter IV but also an interview from Ono san that reveals that the game will be released for home console as early as the beginning of spring (yesssss)

Enjoy the trailer and the very informative Gamespot interview:

Gamespot also has a preview article that sum up most of what ono san says in the interview.

From the article: " While Capcom had initially considered making SSFIV's content a download pack of some kind, it became clear that just tacking the new content onto the old game wasn't going to be possible. As a result, SSFIV will be released as a standalone disc that won't be sold at full price. But, the producer explained, before you get rid of your SFIV disc, be advised that SSFIV will offer current SFIV owners a bonus that Capcom isn't revealing at this time. "

The article also features a bunch of new screenshots that you should check by clicking here.

Super Street Fighter IV is set to be released in a stand alone disc (priced less that $60) in early spring 2010.

source: gamespot


Anonymous said...

sweet cant wait

Anonymous said...

un peu de DJ ?

Anonymous said...

spring 2010 can't come sooner!

well only can believe that it'll be worth the wait i guess

wonder if trailer was actually hinting there will be stage interactions, whether purely visual (wet hair or skin glistening from the water of the pounding waves) or even stage hazards

probably not though haha

two3jumpman said...

T hawk looks righteous, i wonder how him spinning someone like 'gief or sagat with one hand will look

Bender411 said...

For me Juri looks like something between Cammy and Guile...

Bender411 said...
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Anonymous said...

















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