Thursday, September 24, 2009

SFIV dash info leaks again ? UPDATED

According to several posters on srk and other boards, this is some of the stuffs that will be included in SFIV Dash:

- 2 New Characters: Hakan, and Arab grappler, and Juri an asian girl who works for Seth

- the leaked roster from last week is real

- Guile has Sonic Hurricane

- The game's name is Super Street Fighter IV

- Everyone has two Ultras at once. No selection. Commands don't overlap.

- One super, two ultras. Except Sakura, who has Shinkuu Hadoken back for 2 and 2. All 3S characters have all three of their supers, except one is super and two are ultra.

- Rufus can cancel-break the last hit of Spectacle Romance, or the launch kick of Space Opera Symphony.

- Guy has his chains

- Dudley now has ten target combos, up from nine in 3S.

- Cody is the only character with an Alpha Counter. Yes, he has the knife.

- Makoto has her super as Tanden Renki. May be possible to activate with an Ultra charged to commence the rape time.

- Gen gets a new air Ultra. He still doesn't hagve his chains back at this point.

- Juri's top may bear a vague resemblance to Shiki, with a bit of Hinata hair.

- Expect the return of the many familiar supers, and a few new ones like Metsu
Shoryuken. Return of Kikosho, Sonic Hurricane, Denjin(Gouken), Tiger Cannon.

- Expect sick names like Breathless, Yoga Shangri-La, Psycho Punisher and Demon Armageddon.

- Expect a lot of air activated ultras, i.e; Siberian Blizzard, Gief's ****ing air 720. Yes, you read that correctly.

- Return of the bonus stage."

The game will apparently be revealed tomorrow at TGS.

This makes me very excited. Bring on Super Street Fighter IV!!!!!

UPDATE: According to today's shizowa's blog post, we will have to wait just a little bit longer for the announcement. She also stressed out that we need to keep an eye on the blog and check frequently (which means this could happen before next Friday where she usually updates the dev blog). Few people are now speculating that the announcement is due on October 1st which is next thursday. I will keep you guys updated on the matter as soon as i get more information.


Azmuh said...


If it's true that is! lol

Anonymous said...

this looks more like a wishlist of some fans more than leak info...

this makes me sad :(

Holygriever said...

I think Super Bars should charge twice as fast, EX attacks should consume two slots and that they should have two Supers and one Ultra. They are supposed to be above supers, after all, but with all this stuff they seem more bread-and-butter. =p

Montauban said...

Great! Fantastic!
But where's Kyoko, Gouken's daughter?
I would like more (individual) backgrounds too.
But I`m very happy with that news.
These are Street Fighter years!
Waiting for tomorrow news...

Anonymous said...

Well they have to have a secret character to unlock so i bet goukens daughter will be it.

Anonymous said...

2 ultras is fine
but I think we should only be able to pick one before each match

since each one connects differently it'll add to strategy as well as keep opponents on their toes (as they shouldn't know which one you picked)

Anonymous said...

After they find out which one you picked, can't they use a strategy to work around it? 2 Ultras at once keeps the game interesting and fresh. More possible setups me thinks.

Anonymous said...

this sounds more like a fan boy mess then an update to SFIV I kind of hope this isn't true.

Gordon said...

I hope cody will have his original outfit instead of his prison clothes

Anonymous said...

:D it's tommorow, anytime now, i'm gonna see Dudley and Makoto in awesome 3D!!!! Can't wait

Bender411 said...

Great newz! But,no Ibuki? Sad for me :( Anyway, nice stuff here!

Montauban said...

According to the rumor, Ibuki is in.

Red White said...

WHOLY SH*T! WHOLY SH*T!!! ........ WHOLY SH*****************T!!!!!

If this is true, if Guile gets his Hurricane back...... whhhhhhhhhhoooooly sh*t is he gonna move up a tier or two. Now now... I gotta hold myself back here.... calm down. These are still rumours.... but it would make me freak the F out if it's all true.
Zangeif with an aerial 720???? Are you kidding me? Why would you freeking give Zangeif MORE options?!? I bet he's going to get a move called Sodomize next where it hits full screen and even breaks blocks and is an anti-air and does 630 damage.
I'm telling you dudes, this ones gonna be a Tekken killer. In fact, I'm sure thats what they're waiting for.

Anonymous said...

Looks nice if this is true.

Any chance this Juri chick is actually Gouken's daughter that Shizowa hinted that would appear in an eventual SFIV upgrade? Who knows, she may have been brainwashed like the Shadaloo dolls, or maybe she joined Seth to get resources to track and kill Gouki...

Anonymous said...

Please be f****** true, I realy need a new Street Fighter fix right now!

ThaCubanLiNX said...

-omg, this sounds crazy
-if this is true, this Super SFIV is gonna be real sick.
-kinda sux to get this excited tho cuz u kno its gonna be a LONG while before this sequel actually comes out....probebly years :-(

Anonymous said...

It definitely won't be years, the rumor I've been hearing is that it will be out in October for arcades in Japan meaning that we should see it for consoles in the first quarter of 2010 and if we're lucky just in time for Christmas but that's very unlikely.

Anonymous said...


Guys' is this all enough for us to be happy about, doesnt seem like that much more than sf4 and its £100 a year (plus all the extra we have brought) for street fighter.

Anonymous said... far no news!


Montauban said...

According to the new rumors, we'll have to wait until 1st October. Super Street Fighter 4 would be a magic title.

Anonymous said...

I guess we're going to have to wait, I think they may be putting together a trailer and simply can't get it out in time.

Anonymous said...

Secret character to unlock? Then he need to be Gill, like a secret boss.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Imari Kumuri

Anonymous said...

well TGS almost over now and still nothing been said!!!

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Q80Warlock said...

Actually German Gamepro has a picture of Ono with beta SSF4 in the background barely showing T.Hawk !

Anonymous said...

oui ici :

ThaCubanLiNX said...

-wow, omg, the address above this comment here is right, u CAN see t.hawk in the background.....unbelievable, thats tight
-and to the "anonymous" who answered the first comment i left; i truly hope ur right, it would be great to see the sequel before christmas. jus to see it before next summer will be nice
-if anyone wants to battle, my XBL gt is the exact same name as seen here...

Anonymous said...

Also in the picture above, you can see what the logo sort of looks like. There's a big silver S behind the original street fighter 4 logo, and on the poster it looks like pieces of ibuki and someone else.

Anonymous said...

This picture is truly amazing, I can't wait for Thursday now, that's when it will supposedly be announced but I guess we can all rest assured it's coming for a fact.

John Paul said...

How can you say all this when there's no REAL proof of all of these things happening? This is a SICK wish list though, but I'm just thinking out loud here.

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