Tuesday, September 29, 2009

T-hawk and Juri's Bios translated

Unbridled joy of destruction

A spy working for S.I.N., codenamed "Spider". She is belligerent and provocative, and likes to taunt and make fun of her opponents. With no regard to honour, money, or society's rules, she only cares about events and affairs she herself find interesting (basically, she's dangerous and anti-social). Her left eye has been replaced with an artificial one, equipped with a "Feng Shui Engine", which boosts her powers.

Name: Han Juri
Country of origin: South Korea
Birthday: January 1
Age: 25 years
Heigh: 165cm
Weight: 46kg
3 Sizes: B83/W56/H85
Blood type: AB
Likes: Spicy foods, spiders
Dislikes: Boring people, rules
Occupation/background: Spy for S.I.N.
Special skill: She never forgets a path she's taken once
Fighting style: Taekwondo, Feng Shui Engine-powered ki attacks


Proud Warrior

Hero of the "Thunder Foot" tribe. With his father Arroyo Hawk's life, and his tribe's sacred land taken from him by Vega, T. Hawk continues to fight to reclaim what is rightfully his. He is a gentle man, always respectful towards animals. He is chasing Shadaloo in order to find his beloved Julia.

Name: Thunder Hawk
Country of origin: Mexico
Birthday: July 25
Age: 35
Height: 230cm
Weight: 162kg
3 Sizes: B114/W98/H112
Blood type: O
Likes: Animals, hair ornaments
Dislikes: Lies
Occupation/background: N/A
Special skills: Making wood carvings, talking to birds of prey
Fighting Style: N/A

Big Thanx to SRK forum Jigsaw for the awesome translation.


Ian A. said...

It says he is looking for his beloved Julia - from Tekken? She is Native American too, haha!

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, this Julia his bio refers to is actually Juli, one of the Shadaloo Dolls from Street Fighter Alpha 3.

The weird part is that she doesn't look like a native American indian, while another doll named Noembelu does. But since Noembelu was neither playable nor fightable, I guess Capcom just decided to use Juli in her place...

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