Thursday, October 15, 2009

An anime suggestion to Capcom Part 2: The do's and don't's list

As a follow up to my previous article in which I made suggestions to capcom on how to handle a new SF anime series, I present you the second part of this mini series of articles.

The second part is basically a list of things that Capcom should include in the anime as well as the things that must not be in it.

The Do’s List:

· · The anime must follow the cannon to some extent with of course original ideas from the writers.

· Hire some good writers who have done some great animes before.

· The anime must be produced by a great anime studio such as Madhouse or production IG

· The characters must have the same design as they do in the games, no more Street Fighter 2 V stunt.

· The fight scenes and animation should be similar if possible to the GREAT Street Fighter II Animated movie.

· The anime should start from the beginning of the game series story wise, therefore starting with SF alpha or SF1 is nearly a must.

· The Street Fighter series has a deep story and each character has a detailed backup story, use it to get as many episodes as possible.

· Start the series with an ova or movie to reach more audiences.

· Respect the character’s personalities. Ryu was never the happy fun guy like he was in sf2 V

· Use Masahiko nakahira mangas (sf alpha, sakura ganbaru and SF3 ryu final) as reference to the anime as well as Udon comics.

· Hire Masahiko nakahira and the Udon guys to be advisers for the new Series

· Characters must use their powers and it shouldn’t take ryu 15mn to shoot a hadoken like in the SF2 V series.

· Use the music from the games. The use of character theme music in sfIV anime promo vids by studio 4C made those videos EPIC

· The story must have serious moments, tragic events, and comic relief (by Dan and rufus of course)

· Include all characters from the games into the anime series in some way (some charcatres will probably have only a cameo or 2 but they still need to show up)

· Make mangas and comics based on the new anime series as a cross promotional thing. Make toys, shirts, and games based on it to introduce the Sf games to those who never played it yet are watching the anime. And advertise the anime in the games so those who don’t watch anime yet play the game will be introduced to the anime (maybe include ethe first episode or trailer in one of the games video gallery)

The Don’t’s list:

· Don’t make it a Saturday morning cartoon like the horrible SF usa cartoons

· Don’t alter the characters design. Making Ryu look like joe higashi in sf2 v was a bad move

· Don’t start the series from Street Fighter 2 or worse: Street Fighter IV. Start with Alpha and go forward. This will help the viewers know the characters and love as they see them age from youngling to great warriors (remember all anime who introduced their charcatrs and had them age with series are considered GREAT and classic anime, DBZ, naruto and others)

· Do not aim the series mainly at kids, Street Fighter is a franchise loved by all ages and mostly adults.

· Don’t use a cheap studio for the animation. Studio 4c did a decent job with the ties that bind movie and the anime promos but also did a terrible horrible job with the anime prologues and endings in SF4.

· Don't make the Street Fighters or Fight scenes overpowered and DBZ in nature. With very limited exception, we should see all the strikes and attacks and they should hit heavy without destroying a town in the process. A busted bit of concrete here, a kick through a wooden door there, but don't make the world seem like it's made out of paper mache. Ever punch a slab of concrete? Try it sometime and see how that goes for you. Not even a real martial artist can punch a hole in a concrete road. I want my SF'ers strong but real world strong.

What do you guys think of this list? Did I forget anything?

Look forward for part 3 of the Anime suggestion articles in the near future.

PS: thanx to firetisane for the last "Don't" point.


Anonymous said...

I disagree about having Udon being consultants. They know basic canon, but don't get the characters like Masahiko Nakahira does.

He should write the whole damn thing really.

Anonymous said...

To further expand on my comment, Udon doesn't capture the melancholic side of Ryu as seen in Ryu FINAL and even the Alpha anime.

He is very one dimensional in the Udon series.

Anonymous said...

chun li must have huge sexy thighs!!

Anonymous said...

The Udon comics are generally poorly written. Especially the newer ones.

They constantly job out characters like Zangief and make them look pathetic and silly. Most recently with the cast of Final Fight.

Red White said...

I think some of the bullet points are repeated a few times, but other than that it's fairly good. One other thing I'd like to add is;

Don't make the Street Fighters or Fight scenes overpowered and DBZ in nature. With very limited exception, we should see all the strikes and attacks and they should hit heavy without destroying a town in the process. A busted bit of concrete here, a kick through a wooden door there, but don't make the world seem like it's made out of paper mache. Ever punch a slab of concrete? Try it sometime and see how that goes for you. Not even a real martial artist can punch a hole in a concrete road. I want my SF'ers strong but real world strong.

@ Anon's

It's hard to write for a huge cast of characters and they have a deadline to meet as far as story progression and number of comics they can do. I would've loved to see Zangeif as a black horse and actually beat Ken for an upset. I would've enjoyed seeing all the other 'lesser' world warriors get their time to shine more. But I understand that they can't if there's a story to be followed. I'd like to see the script any one of you could write that can incorporate the full cast in a working world where each character can get their due. Heck, surprise me with it! I'd love to read something like that.

David said...

Well, I really don't see SF II V as a bad anime. Its 100% better what the U.S SF is. I can say SF II V could have been better, but its still SF.

As for the animation. Maybe I'm the only one, but I like the animation in SF Alpha movie than the SF II:The movie. Not saying its bad or anything. SF II: the movie really good and all SF fans need to get it and watch it.
But I personally enjoy the SF: Alpha animation a little bit more. It may not be as real like SF II: The Movie, but it feels more like creative.
And anyways, I'm more of a SF: Alpha (And III) fan then SF:II.

I do want to see the series to start at SF: Alpha. Starting at SF:IV will be ok. But you need to explain more if capcom does that.

I do enjoy Mad House animation, but I think production IG will do a better job at the (Maybe) series.

And if this series does come out and it start off SF: Alpha plot...PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE, let the setting take place around the late 80's to somewhat 90's.
I don't know why, but it feels much better if it takes place there.

Oh, I know Ryu is the main character and all, but we have other characters in the SF worlds as well. Show some love. Let them be known.

I might post this in capcom. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

It would be really awesome to see some fighting scenes similar to that of Street Fighter 2 animated movie. It was one heck of a masterpiece.

RaohSmash said...

"It's delicious!"

good writers an anime studio is a must for sure. Studio 4C did a horrible job for everything. I'm not going to sugercoat it. SFV, SF alpha, and the first movie were pretty good in animation. I thought SFV Ryu had some personality in the V series and he grew to be more serious after his first loss. He also kept the I must train and improve myself attitude that he is known for. lol that 15 minute minute chargeup for his fireball in SFV was just to cut cost and for the animators to be lazy. Everybody else acted closely like how I would expect them to act in SFV though which is a good thing. SFV Ryu was an interesting character to follow unlike the serious fightin hobo which makes me want to change the channel when it's his turn to talk.

Actually, I wouldn't mind if they used SFV or Udon like redesigns for like when they aren't in tourney fights or for casual wear. These could even be used for alt outfits in future sfs. Ryu's beaten up alt costume in SF4 should totally be used for a boss fight whether it's bison, sagat, gouki, or seth.

Gordon said...

Dud what u talking You Saying Udon is poorly written??? yo what are u smoking? cUdon made the best comics of street fighter man, that should even put on an anime if udon would base this on the comics

Anonymous said...

...wouldn't all this cost ALOT of money?

i wonder if capcom are willing to fund such a project.

strugler said...

@ anonymous

it sure will cost money, but it will also make a lot of money for capcom. successful animes are an almost unlimited source of income to their makers. Akira toriyama knows that and so does the makers of naruto, bleach, and the rest

Anonymous said...

sfighters can destroy concrete...
they cant destroy buildings, but they are unhumanly strong

Anonymous said...

I agree with not including udon. I mean what the hell is there to consult about? those guys arent "story" people.

Most of this list is just stuff any idiot would know to not do. I'm sure the shit animation in sf4 was due to time and budget constraints. ALTHOUGH, they really do have to get their act together storywise.

Capcom are you listening? Don't feel you gotta pussy foot around telling the story in regards to stepping on some god damn comic book.

Dan Marek said...

Honestly, I dont' think there would be ANYTHING wrong with starting a Street Fighter anime out at SF4 with flashbacks.

Look at how many stories start in the last chapters of the universe's timeline. Lord of the Rings is set in the 3rd Age of Middle-earth, so they had this rich history to pull from and it grounds the series by having something to refer back to.

some fanatic fan :P said...

Lots of points here, some related to the main post and some related to other comments. Lets get started :D

I have some problems here, some are saying the sf alpha movie was well animated, it was crap, story was horrible and the animation was pure crap.(being an animator myself i am actually qualified to say that :P ) Cant believe they pulled a "I am your father"... well they hinted at it.

In sf2V Ryu used that much time to fire a hadouken because he just learned it. Im pretty sure that Ryu would not just fire it right away after just seeing how its done once. You mentioned Udon Comics as reference, even they showed that It takes time to master the hadouken, Sakura could not do it right away either.

Sf2 V was actually a good reference, just follow the cannon a bit better.
And i like the fact that Ryu was happy, you mean you want a main character who walks around the world and is serious all the time and its impossible to know if he is happy, sad or if he likes you or is about to punch your face in.
Story wise that is not a good personality for a main character, that is why they gave him what people call : Personality.

Ryu and Ken must be the main characters thats for sure.

Another thing i react to : Start the series at alpha?
So you mean we should just jump past street figter 1?
Ok so we could fill that in with flash backs. that works, or we could start with Sagats chest being scarred like in sf2 the animated movie.

I know the designs and such from sf1 isnt that interesting, but its a part of the story, its got to be worked in somehow, you might have already thought about that so im not saying you forgot about it, just pointing it out ;P

and about : Masahiko nakahira ... I liked Parts of Ryu Final, that was ok ( even though he didnt give Gill the part in the story he deserved, i mean he is the main bad guy in street fighter 3, i dont care if Ryu and Akuma still have unsettled business...)

But as long as they do not use his Zero/Alpha Manga as reference i am happy, because that goes under the whole over powering theme of DBZ.
And it also does not respect some of the other characters personalities, like Vega/Balrog, Vega is an insane cage fighter, sure he uses a weapon but i am pretty darn sure he would be against using bombs, he is a fighter and im sure he finds some pride in that, especially since he likes slashing people :P bombs dont give the same kind of feedback as a couple of bloody steel claws ;).

Other than that i would be happy to see another street fighter anime, as long as it respects all the characters and doesnt over power anyone...

Anonymous said...

The Udon comics are poorly written. They stick close to canon which is extremely rare, and this is what makes the comics seem good.

But the writing is really poor.

Look, I buy the comics, and enjoy them to a degree. But if you pick up Ryu Final or Alpha by Nakahira you instantly realise that Udon doesn't get it like he did.

Udon tries so hard to be canon, that it doesn't come up with anything truly interesting, and doesn't push the personalities of their characters.

That, and as the other anon said, they job a lot of great characters. Has Zangief had a win?

Again, read RYU FINAL. Where respect was shown to the other characters.

Fernando Jácomo said...


julio said...

As a Cammy fan who has been turned off SF anime forever by TTTB, I´d like to suggest one point:

Treat your female characters with respect. We all know what the scene with Cammy and Viper in TTTB was really about. We have seen the comments on youtube. That wasn´t even a fight. It was rape. It was put in the anime just to satisfy the perverts watching the show. If you´re going to have female characters in the anime, don´t put them there just as cheap fanservice. And that goes for all female characters, not just Cammy.

If Capcom does this and actually listens to the other suggestions put forth on this blog, I may reconsider my decision to never watch SF anime again.

RaohSmash said...

Ye er fanatic guy didn't mean sf alpha generation movie which was an absolute piece of donkey shit but meant the sf alpha ova with the stupid random villain and random kid popping up sayin things.

Cammy would have beaten Viper down. She's a trained assassin while Viper just be a spy who cheats with James Bondish gadgets. Ye I hated that part of the anime. lol remembering back Cammy only got to kill a defenseless geezer in the SF movie but somehow got apprehended by agents who just tackled her. WTF? lol lame. she would have destroyed all the agents and ran away. in SFV she sorta won a few fights though.........

shyh (shu) chai said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shyh (shu) chai said...

Arrrrgh...lost my post.

Have you seen Studio 4C's resume? They are more than capable of handling a series. Ono said they didn't have the budget for good animation.

Anonymous said...

well not according to sven who said studio 4c was given a lot of money and yet they fucked up

Anonymous said...

T.Hawk Ryu is Stronger then you think. he's capable of hold up a 10 ton boulder in SF3: Third strike. plus Balrog has killed a adult bull elephant with one punch.

Anonymous said...

This is stupid. Street Fighter ALPHA was the great movie, not SF2. SF2 was just an excuse for fights, it had no depth to it. If you don't want to sketch out characters' lives, and have fights for no stinkin reason or sense, with everybody being a badass, then sure, go with SF2.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

- If they are able to do fireballs,
they should be strong enough to destroy cement walls with some effort. not buildings though.. unless u are Oro or Akuma doing their 3rd Strike Maxed out supers.

- also it'd be cool if they didn't wear their game costumes ALL the time. Chun-li in an interpol scene with her costume, including her spikes. ...Ryu in a karate outfit Everywhere he goes.,

As long as the characters keep true to their personalities, ppl should open up and welcome the changes, and think of them as alternate outfits.
Wear what makes them fit within the scene and the story.
The iconic outfits could make some cameos though.

Anonymous said...

You don't want real world strong, yet these guys jump two stories to do a shoryuken, they shoot fireballs, and defy physics.
I don't want utter destruction when they do their moves, but there should be a happy medium between real world strength and DBZ.

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