Tuesday, October 6, 2009

G4TV previews Super Street Fighter IV


Nando said...

This update's gonna be so sick.

Yuri sort of reminds me of Chun-Li...the spiky bracelets, double hair bun/whatever thing, lots of kicking and that ultra where she Spinning Bird Kicks her opponent upwards.

Strugler, you ever thought about expanding the width of the body content area? Some videos get cut off and I can't full-screen them.

Thanks for keeping us updated, though. ^_^

Luis said...

damn he still takling about releasing only in consoles

Anonymous said...

I think T.Hawk's finisher of sitting on the person and doing the "How" gesture is STUPID.

oblique said...

^^^^what he said. T. Hawks finisher is stupid with that lol. I want some destructible stages though, like on blanka's stage if you finish someone with a ultra or super move that slams on the ground (ie, Able, Zangief, T. Hawk, Cammy (maybe), Bison, Fuerte) then it should break through the bridge that would be cool. I mean if you can break off a military plane wing, then you probably should be able to break a bridge lol.

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