Monday, October 5, 2009

Sagat and Viper, Super Street Fighter IV Style

Capcom unity has the first exclusive look at the awesome character art of both the double agent vixen C.Viper, and the muy thai king Sagat.

They sure look better than the Street Fighter IV character art!

source: Capcom Unity


Nando said...

C. Viper's face looks really good there.

Walter said...

C Viper looks sexy in this art. Much improved.

Anonymous said...

I can't say I'm a fan of the added pounds on C. Viper. They need to shed pounds from Chun Li's legs...not add pounds to Maya.

Gordon said...

Hey Guys Let me ask yall guys a Question, Wha u guys Think Of CODY being rumored in Super Street Fighter IV? Because myself I think he will be great u know, as long they give him a good story for him, Cause if cody is there then Guy have to be their as we'll because they have connection and plus they go way back in the day. my thing is that I hope they give Cody his original outfit instead of being in prison clothes, cause it might either he finally found redemption, or he might be a fugitive still. So I hope his story is good though

so tell me wha u guys think?

Anonymous said...

yes gordon:


Anonymous said...

viper looks busty nice, id hit here. lol

gordan man wtf, with youre lame question all the time.

strugler said...

@ Gordon

you are asking the same question in every post. You are getting close to be considered a spammer and therefore banned from commenting.

I will let it go this time but i am keeping an eye on all the comments.

Thank you

Bender411 said...

Gordon is troll. How you don't get it?

Anonymous said...

Viper looks so hot. I sold my XBox and bought me a PS3 Slim and was going to buy me SF4 once agin... But now I wait for SSF.

But I would like to know what the extra is if you already have SF4

Anonymous said...

so is there really gonna be 80 characters in ssf4

Anonymous said...

















Anonymous said...

Ugh! That Sagat is ass!

Gordon said...

alright I'mma chill out

Anonymous said...

there's art for ryu and ken from super street fighter IV floating around the net too. somewhere.

Anonymous said...

C. Viper is looking sexier than ever, well done Capcom.

Sac said...

Vyper is a mess. The stance is unnatural, why would she hold her knee up in the air like that? Those artists are high on something. Sagat is okay, but I'm not a fan the artistic orientation but Juni and T-Hawk were way better.

Gordon said...

yo i'm not gonna front yo c. viper look better then the previous pic right their its more detailed and fresh.

what do u think strugler? lol

Luis said...

Will the characters look any differen in-game? awesome blog

Anonymous said...

Longs for the days when the character art was good....

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