Thursday, October 1, 2009

SSF4 Dev Blog updated with DeeJay pic and Trailer

The official SSF4 Dev blog was updated today with Deejay profile and the trailer that was posted on the sf blog 2 days ago. No new stage nor a new mode was shown as Shizowa hinted at :-(

However Dee jay looks like he will be kicking some major ass in Super Street Fighter 4, not only he looks sweet but he got a larger than life "max out" fireball that will sure be difficult to jump on.

The blog has also been updated with Dee Jay's profile which Jigsaw from SRK was nice to translate it:

Southern Comet

A kickboxer from Jamaica, Dee Jay is not only a martial artist, but also a popular musician whose albums have all been million sellers. Always in a cheerful mood, his smile never disappears from his face. One day, Dee Jay beat up a gang of small-time crooks at his favourite shop. Rumours started spreading, and he kept defeating his challangers as well as assassins from a certain organization, until finally making his way to Seth.

Name: Dee Jay/D.J.
Country of origin: Jamaica
Birthday: October 31
Age: 29 years
Height: 184cm
Weight: 92kg
3 Sizes: B130/W89/H94
Bloodtype: AB
Likes: Shouting, singing, dancing
Dislikes: Silence
Occupation/background: Musician/kickboxer
Special skill: N/A
Fighting style: Kickboxing

To check the full set of Dee jay pictures head over to the official SSF4 Website here


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