Friday, October 9, 2009

The Street Fighter World Map according to gamesradar

Gamesradar put an awesomely done wolrd map showing all the characters from the Street Fighter franchise and their country of origin.

Pretty neat, don't you think so?


Anonymous said...

Portugal need as character...
eh eh eh

Anonymous said...

when put into perspective like this two things popped into mind:

1 - Philippines need a representative... characters like Talim (Soul Calibur series) proves to be quite enjoyable to mess around with.

2 - Characters like Elena and Hugo/Juni/Juli really needs to be included to represent their respective nations in SFIV haha.
(as much as I hate Hugo haha)

Anonymous said...

They've jumped to some comclusions there. A characters stage and their country of origin don't always coincide.
There are a lot more than just three characters with unknown places of origin [Bison/Oro/Akuma etc.]

Gordon said...

yo this is perfect, how they set all the characters were hey from and how they were raised. Look Bison is Originally from Thailand, Akuma is from Japan, and Oro is from japan as we'll, it would be nice to see a fighter from canada purto rico, and etc what u guys think of that?

Anonymous said...

would it be to much to ask for all the characters and stages and theme in super 4

eh eh eh...

Gordon said...

Yea your right man it would be too much

Anonymous said...


We need some Zezé Camarinha in there!

Nando said...

No, not Puerto Rico.

I'd like to see a middle-eastern fighter or a Australian fightet.

lol Notice how most U.S.A. fighters are blonde.

كـابوتو said...

where is gill and uren from?

Anonymous said...

Gill and Urien are of unknown origin but one can assume they are of Mediterranean stock be it Egyptian or Greek.

I hope Street Fighter introduces more new countries in SSIV like South Korea.

Anonymous said...

Eh, some complaints with this map...

Dan and Fei Long are supposed to be from Hong Kong. I know Hong Kong is part of China, but the Street Fighter games consider it a seperate region.

Also, Dictator M.Bison, Akuma, Gill, and Urien should have unknown countries of origin (instead of listing the country where you fight them).

Anonymous said...

LOL horrible map, like 4 countries are wrong. Who did this? A 14 year old?

Scotland is not England
Myanmar is not Thailand
The Mediterranean is not a country. lol

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