Sunday, October 4, 2009

A suggestion to Capcom: Here is how to make a Street Fighter Anime Series. Part 1: The Story arcs

With the successful release of Street Fighter IV last year, the Street Fighter franchise is without a doubt celebrating its second coming. This celebration, however, feels shallow without a new Street Fighter Anime TV series to ride the train of hype and success that SF4 has initiated.

While Shizowa san hinted at several occasion that a Street Fighter Anime series is very possible, we have yet to see or hear an announcement. I am not sure if Capcom is uncertain if it should go for a new anime series or if Capcom cannot find the right ideas to make such series.

In an effort to help Capcom make this decision and to show them that a Street Fighter anime tv series can rock, I have made my outline of what a Street Fighter anime series should consist of:


Pilot episode: consists of the final match of the first street fighter tournament, Ryu vs Sagat a match that ends with Ryu tapping into the satsui no hado for the first time

Arc1 (10 to 20 epsiodes): Arc one should introduce Ryu, Ken, Gouken and Akuma and gives us a look at who ryu is, how he came in gouken’s custody and the history of Gouken and Akuma without getting too much into the dark hado storyline, the arc should end with the death of gouken.

Arc 2: (20 to 30 episodes): Arc 2 should be the adaptation of Street Fighter alpha 2 game. The story can be completely based on Masahiko nakahira’s Street Fighter Zero manga. The second arc should introduce shadaloo and bison and also have Ryu and Ken meet chun-li ans Charlie for the first time. The secnd arc should end with Ryu fighting akuma for the first time with ryu loosing.

1st Movie: Sakura Ganbaru: A fun hour and a half anime adaptation of the great Sakura Ganbaru manga by masahiko nakahira, will be a great first SF series movie in theatres in Japan.

Arc 3: (20 to 30 episodes): Arc 3 should adapt the story of Street Fighter Alpha 3. Now that Sakura is famous due to sakura ganbaru she can be part of the Cast. Guile also gets introduced in this arc. The story should mainly focus on the threat shadaloo is presenting. Arc 3 should end with the death of Charlie Nash and the destruction of the psycho drive.

2nd Theatrical movie: Can be anything really. A Gouken movie, where it shows how the rivalry between the 2 brothers has started. Or a shadaloo backup story could be interesting. A filler Story focusing on Ryu and co can work too.

Arc 4: Street Fighter II (40 episodes) The introduction of most of the sf2 cast sould happen in this arc where Ryu and Ken travel the wrld to perfect their skills so they can avenge their master and also prepare for the second Street Fighter tournament where Akuma promises he will show up, and where sagat promised he will retake his title. The arc ends with the end of the SF2 tournament and bison’s apparent demise.

3rd Movie: Story takes place during the sf2 arc. Can be a filler action packed story

Arc 5: Street Fighter IV (30 to 40 episodes): The adaptation of the sf4 and super street fighter iv storyline with the introduction of Seth and SIN. Arc 5 also features the return of Gouken.

Arc 6: Street Fighter III (20 episodes): Introduces the sf3 cast and the illuminati organization. Alex joins the rest of the heroes as a regular cast. Ends with Ryu going on a training journey with Oro.

4th Movie: takes place during Arc 6, and focuses on Ryu training with Oro to finally defeat Akuma.

Arc 7: Street Fighter III 3rd strike plus iluminati vs Shadaloo war (30 episodes): Ryu thinks he is ready to finally confront Akuma. Alex is ready to defeat gill and Shadaloo is back in business and is trying to take what was theirs before illuminati showed up. Arc 7 should end with the final battle between Ryu and Akuma.

Arc 7 will be the finale of the series.


While Option 1 sounds perfect to the Street Fighter fan in me, one must admit it might not be commercially possible as studios often like to test their product before ordering sh1t load of episodes from it. So as some people pointed out in the comments section, a shorter series might be more feasible and more smart to do rather than go for the 100+ eps series (although that will kick ass for us SF fans). because of that, here is my Option 2 for Capcom:

- Introduction: could be either a movie or ova or a 5 episodes deal introducing Ryu, Sagat, Ken, gouken and akuma. The story can focuse on the Street Fighter 1 Tournament or just start with the final match of Ryu vs Sagat and then explain the dark hado and the history of Akuma and Gouken. Gouken should die at the end.

-Series 1: Street Fighter Alpha: 12 - 15 episodes telling the story of the SF alpha days. the mini series should condense the events of SF alpha 2 and alpha 3 in one long story. Shadaloo must be introduced in this arc as well as chun-li, Charlie, Guile and the mostof the alpha 2 and 3 roster. The arc should end with Charlie's death.

- Series 2: Street Fighter II: another 12 to 15 epidoes mini series focusing on Ryu and Ken travelling the world to prepare for the Street Fighter 2 tournament which should start in the last 5 episodes of the arc. The arc ends with Shadaloo's apparent destruction

- Series 3: Street Fighter IV: a 10 to 12 episodes mini series adapting the story of SF4 and SSF4.

- Series 4: Street Fighter 3 (not sure if capcom will go for this one really) Can be from a 5 to 12 episodes series or can be first an OVA that if successful can become a series. Story should focus on Ryu training with Oro as well as alex's story. Masahiko nakahira's Ryu final can be adapted for this series.

In between the arcs, movies and ovas can be produced such as the Sakura Ganbaru movie i suggested earlier.

So as you can see, Street Fighter can be a LOOOONG running series that rivals the great anime such as dragon ball z, naruto, bleach and the likes.

Option 2 also sounds great, since usually Anime series with that number of episodes have usually more quality and style than unnecessary long tv series.

A successful running SF anime series will be an unlimited source of money to capcom, since licensing group can make toys, games, books, shoes or even panties (the sky is the limit). An anime series will also introduce the sf franchise to a lot of people who were not very familiar with it and therefore people will buy more SF games. It’s a win win situation where the game helps the anime and the anime helps the game.

What do you guys think? (leave a lot of comments) and which option you think is the best?


  1. I really like that idea! You even went along to make sure that the series canon was followed. Capcom should definitely look into following the canonical story.

  2. @Ansatsuken-TKD

    i am just trying to show that the story is already there. This can easily be done (making a good script)

    And seriously, the second coming of Street Fighter deserves an anime series.

  3. that is actually pretty good, at this point though I just want to see Ryu and Akuma fight! Capcom OWES us this!!!!!!!

  4. hell yeah, i'd love to see a canon anime series.

    ...but you forgot the most important character...dan.

    would be cool if the anime covered some of the events in final fight too during the alpha arc.

  5. @ oblique so true man so true

    @ anon haha no i didn't forget dan, he will be in the second or third part of the next article when i dive into the specifics :-D

  6. I like some parts of this :), but i disagree with some other parts... for example: Street fighter zero manga.
    Seriously that thing is one of the more bizzare and crazy (not in a good way) sf stories... bison & vega starts bombing a city. Ryu's shoryuken turns into a hurricane/tornado that tears up skyscrapers.
    I never really managed to get that thing to fit in with the rest. Though i must admit the first one of those two(first part of zero) was ok.

    But thats just my opinion, the rest seems pretty much ok ;) i really like the ryu and ken travel the world part, reminds me of street fighter 2V, which was pretty cool, even though it didnt really follow the story either, but it had the right atmosphere.

  7. akuma can never be defeated he lives on forever ryu sucks if capcom does that thn street fighter would be ruined there are so many akuma fans and for this story lines dont matter cause lots of fans would be disapointed all that matters is the game no the series

  8. Imagine if the last Street Fighter Movie had that ideas. It would be the best fighting movie ever.

  9. Why not adapt Masahikos best work, RYU FINAL?

    That should be the ending to the series.

  10. You excluded the entire commercial aspect. It wouldn't make sense for them to do long arcs on anything beside IV.
    How do you commercially justify entire arcs on alpha and III when they're promoting Street IV?

    I can see something like this:
    Alpha: 12 episodes
    Street II: 12
    Street IV: 12
    S-Street IV: 12

    Or a movie for alpha to introduce the new series and 48 for street II+IV (don't forget the whole street II revival gimmick, street II is still relevant considering how IV as been promoted as the new SFII).

    Anyway I don't think they will do SFIII, it just doesn't make sense, except if they are really seeing this as a tribute to street fighter (like you do), and not as a quality promotion tool (like any company usually does).

  11. Dude you made each arc almost two years long. Do you have any idea how hard it would be to pull that off?

    Your arcs don't have acts they are way too long with no break down of acts and you have about 10-12 years of tv shows. No company is going to bank on a tv show being around that long. Most Tv shows last a couple of years at best, very few last beyond 5 years let alone 10.

    Finally you are asking for them to risk way too much in your first arc. You want to gamble almost two years of a SF tv show with very little major characters. who are they marketing this to other than the hardcore fan? The show would be dead within a year.

    Sorry, but your idea is very passionate, but not realistic.

  12. I only have one hope left in this life. One, and only one:

    That they never *never* make another Street Fighter anime.

  13. Though it'd be great to see the entire story of SF on screen, I really don't think it'll happen. Like someone mentioned earlier, it doesn't make sense to work on arcs from that long ago.

    Imo, Sakura Ganbaru was really weak. The only reason why she'd deserve her own movie is the same reason why the book and that wack cammy one was made too. It was for the fanboys.

    I don't think SF has a strong enough storyline to attract anime fans. You gotta compare it's story to that of other popular shows out there. It doesn't have anything. There won't be money there.

    I agree with you that the 2nd coming of SF deserves a series though. I think an SFIV arc would be more realistic.

  14. While i would love your first option, featuring a well made story and good character development, instead of "here's Ryu, he's japanese and he fights other guys" kind of deal, i have to admit it's chances of ever becoming true are next to zero, just look at SF II V (absolute crap) or Devil May Cry (also crap). the one REALLY good animated product we have of the street fighter universe, is SF II Animated movie, so i think we'll just have to settle for a short but high quality production. I'll be happy with some OAV's dedicated to the actual plot of the game (instead of that Alpha OAV crap), 6 OAV per Game Arc should do the trick nicely. While it will be mostly a fan oriented product, it will also be the better way to give us a short and entertaining "movie" series. 6 for Alpha with the SF1 prelude, 6 for 2, 6 for 4, 6 for 3, for a total of 24 OAV "episodes", of course, each OAV should be of 40 min. length, instead of the regular 20 min. anime episode.

  15. @ Grifo

    you make a valid point sir!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Option one works better for me because you actually will see the SF2 tournament take place. In Option two it sounds too much like SF2:V with Ryu and Ken traveling everywhere. I have an OVA idea that I put together. This is more for Street Fighter 5.

    Facts in my story in chronological order:
    1. Ryu is fighting Akuma
    2. Ryu reaches deeper into his Dark Hadou!
    3. They both do their Raging Demon... Ryu wins!
    4. Ryu is lost in his Dark Hadou state, takes Akuma's beads & heads out looking for someone to kill him.
    5. So Ryu goes after all the old Street Fighters (killing them all)
    6. Ken hears of Ryu's actions & goes to Sagat for help
    7. Ryu vs Ken & Sagat!
    8. Ryu creates an "X" scar on Sagat's chest because another Dark Shoryuken (the first one is what scarred him at the end of Street Fighter)
    9. Ken jumps in but gets hit with a Raging Demon!
    10. Ken dies.
    11. Ryu goes insane because no one can stop his "evil", until some random guy shows up to challenge him.
    12. Sean and Sakura (obviously older).
    13. They fight Dramatic Battle style...
    14. Sean and Sakura begin to get the upper hand for a second...
    15. Ryu charges a Dark Hadoken...
    16. Then Sakura and Sean charge their Hado...
    17. HADOKEN!!!
    18. It skips ahead a few months and you see Sakura, Sean and Mel at Ryu and Ken's old dojo looking at Gouken, Akuma's and Ken's tombstones.
    19. On a distant mountain you see a figure watching them. Ryu (normal again).
    20. Knowing he still has much to learn keeps his distance but watches over the three of them, in a way you would expect Gouken would.

  18. ^
    Your idea of street fighter 5 ova is HORRIIIIBBBLE

    Ryu kills all the world warriors including Ken his best buddy?? what are you smoking? i am glad you do not work with capcom.

  19. Looking over the comments, reading the blog and thinking on this a bit, here are my two cents to add into the fray.

    What I've imagined for the next step in a Street Fighter adaptation would be live action episodic series. There are several excellent series going on atm that show that the technology is there to make convincing enough special effects to realize this, and the biggest reason the movies fail is because they had to squeeze too much into too short of time. Given some breathing room, AND adherence to actual cannon rather than unnecessarily changing crap up, I think it would be an awesome spectacle to see. I would love to watch something like this in place of an anime or movie if it was short and sweet and got to the point. It can have 12-20 Episodes of the SFII arc and be done and I'd be happy. Think of it as just a longer movie.

  20. How about this... NO ANIME! It doesn't fit with the look of the game at all.

  21. I love this idea of a SF anime series. I would love it if Capcom incorporated the internet somehow.

    What I don't like is the idea of movies. There are way too many people in the roster to form a decent movie. Also, if a movie revolving around certain characters were to happen, people would complain about why their favorite character wasn't included.

  22. It's a great idea to produce a Street Fighter anime, especially now with the great game back SF4. An anime is a great opportunity to attract more audience to the game, and has a right time, the time is now!
    If at the end of the anime there is Ryu and Ken vs Vega / M.Bison Dictador, I will be eternally grateful to Capcom! =]

  23. ^
    * Oops, Ryu and Ken vs Vega / M.Bison Dictador is what I want to see the end of the anime!

  24. posts like this make me wanna stop reading this blog.

    there are more posts here about comics and WAAAH CAPCOM MAKE AN ANIME!!! than there are about the actual games by far.

  25. you asshole anonymous on top of my post. this blog gives more news and coverage about street fighter anywhere in the planet. if strugler wants more anime capcom needs to make it happen and fuck you for not being happy about anime and comic blog posts i for one enjoy them

  26. You Know I agree what ya saying, It would be a anime hit right there making a series from alpha to IV, seriously it will sweep tha floor. but I don't think we should use canonical story why?

    Oh yea guys here me out, (it ain't the same question That I paste before lol)but would it be better if they make an anime series based on the street fighter comics? you know the comics Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter III, & IV.
    That right their will be an real action pack their, because most of te characters almost have their side of the story and their role play, yall can't disagree on that come on now, but hey tell me wha yall think? please

  27. showing my support for this idea.

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