Sunday, December 16, 2007

Edge Magazine to feature a Street Fighter IV preview

UK based Edge magazine will offer a preview of Street Fighter IV in its next issue. So far we dont know if they will offer any new info but from the preview pages we got so far, it offers some new artwork. Stay tuned for more info as we investigate a bit deeper ;)

in the mean time enjoy the look at the amazing Street Fighter IV artwork from the upcoming magazine

Click Here



True Ryu said...

Love that artwork. Pardon my unmanliness but Ken looks quite cherubic there. One of the best and detailed Ken pics by Capcom artists. And maybe Im an overly critical fan of Ryu but wow is that Stallone I see there?

strugler said...

lets thank ikeno san for that ;)

True Ryu said...

Ryu = the italian stalion?

Anonymous said...

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