Monday, December 17, 2007

Street Fighter IV preview on

The folks at just published a first look preview of the highly anticipated Street Fighter IV.

From the article:

Perhaps the most important thing we should say about Street Fighter IV is that despite the polygonal visuals, the action itself is as two-dimensional as ever. And we mean that in a good way. We’re promised a predominantly static camera (budging only to celebrate the immense new ‘Ultra’ special moves, just as III would zoom in for Ryu’s Shin-Shoryuken among other supers) from which to enjoy what will be an extremely traditional beat-’em-up.

To read the full article click: here


True Ryu said...

Pretty much the same info that was posted two weeks before by another site. But it did further explain some features. Any news on SFIV at this point in the hype was good news. Now if only us fans who wanted a true SFIII sequel could think so too..

Anonymous said...

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