Friday, December 14, 2007

Interview with Sam Reich, director of “Street Fighter: The Later Years”

the website has an exclusive interview with Sam Reich, the director of the online funny series street fighter the later years. A lot of good info about how and where it was all made, here is a glimpse:

SAM: We shoot on location in New York City. A lot of Street Fighter happens to be in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Zangief gets fired from Barcade, which is a popular retro arcade/bar in Williamsburg. Most of the apartments (Bison’s, Chun Li’s, etc.) are in Queens. We did a lot in Central Park in episode five. And the Capcom offices are our very own CollegeHumor offices. Capcom invited us to shoot in their offices, but in the end we thought ours were better.

click here to read the full interview: Sam Reich interview



True Ryu said...

As an inspiring film director, I was suprised at how much equipment and work went into this project. I always thought it was just some college students who wanted to film something as an homage to childhood.

Then again, CollegeHumor does go big, getting Kirk Fog himself to appear in a parody of Legends of the Hidden Temple. Always a laugh. Good stuff.

True Ryu said...

Whoah that Zangief is really "lacking" in something the original Zangief had. I cant put my finger on it, maybe he's just lacking 'muscle' size?

Anonymous said...

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