Friday, December 14, 2007

New Street Fighter IV screens !!!!

A bunch of gorgeous new screens of the highly anticipated Street fighter IV have managed to find their way into the web. All the screens have our favorite heroes Ryu and Ken kicking each other's ass street fighter style.
I must note that according to Ono, the Street Fighter IV project leader, the game is only 2% done and might take more than a year to be completed.
Stay tuned from more info!

Check the following website for some more: Street Fighter Screens


True Ryu said...

Haha I remember alot of SF fans were disappointed with these pics. Even when that first Ryu pic came out, someone edited the face and shading to make him look much better. Everyone loved the edit and it was forced to be taken down.

Just today I talked to the guy who did the edit. Hes an artist as well (makes sense.)

Also I always favored the model from the scrapped Capcom Fighting All Stars. Here is an edit another person did from deviantart that shows how the model from CFAS was still awesome:

strugler said...

Nice manip!!!

Anonymous said...

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