Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New SFIV infos revealed!

Spanish magazine "Hobby Consolas" features in its latest issue an exclusive interview with Ono san which reveals some new info not known until now.
Shoryuken forum poster "Yurinka" has posted a translation of the most important points and info that we did not know so far:

"· They played the game in a private event the day after the teaser trailer was unveiled, where only 5 European journalists were present.

· Release date not confirmed, but in Capcom are doing their best to release it in 2008. But won't be released until it's really ready (can be delayed).

· Platforms not confirmed, but they want to realease it in PS3 and 360. They played it in a workstation.

· Ono says "the teaser was like a concept art, to let the people get an aproximated idea of the game". · They said the screenshots (same published in EGM) are made from the game engine.

· At least will be present all the SF2 characters and new ones. Seeing sketches, they saw Akuma will be in the roost.

· Ono wants to get back the visual style and the balanced feeling of the original games (SF2 games, I supouse).

· Ono worked in other games like Shadow of Rome, but he wanted to work in SF games, he talks about the SF cameos in Onimusha Dawn of Dreams.

· Capcom gave the ok to Ono thanks to the SF 20th anniversary. He said to the Capcom guys this was the last chance because the fans of the SF2 games growed, and later will be too late since they won't be interested.

· There will be lots of stages/backgrounds, but now they won't be linked to each character, they will be visited randomly.

· Not confirmed the number of characters and stages.

· Only Ryu and Ken were selectable, and only the China Stage (the one showed in EGM screenshots) were available.

· The game is 10% of being completed (in EGM said 1% or 2%).

· They said the girl who appears in a sketch they showed (also posted yesterday in the 1UP interview with Daigo Ikeno) is a renewed Chun-Li. "

Interesting news, yet im a bit saddened by the fact that stages will not be related to characters anymore and i think its really a stupid move. Hope they change it before the game is released.



True Ryu said...
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True Ryu said...

Good stuff to know. I heard about this earlier and wasn't sure if that's really what the site said. Good find. Positive news.

strugler said...

it is overall positive, but i still hope they leave the stages linked to specific characters, especially during story/arcade mode (if there is any such mode). But overall im still pretty excited abt SFIV

True Ryu said...

Yeah I was suprised I don't know what they're trying to do. Capcom is rarely ballsy in falling from their formula but when they do it always seems to be in a weird way. Stages are often iconic with their characters.

Anonymous said...

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