Monday, December 24, 2007

Street Fighter IV artist interview!

The folks at have posted a new exclusive interview with Daigo Ikeno, lead artist for Street Fighter 4. Ikeno worked on other street fighter titles such as SF III. The artist talks about the transition from 2D to 3D in the world of street fighter.

From article: "When I draw any character, I do my best to really emphasize what it is that makes a given character unique. That's my ordinary policy, at least. Of course, this particular title brings with it a huge challenge. We're talking about characters literally known the world over and there are certain expectations. What I have to keep in mind constantly is that the visuals must be linked intimately with the game world itself."

Click HERE to read the full interview


True Ryu said...

Yeah I saw these early too. Love Ikeno's art style. For those that dont know he did the cover of SF Eternal Challenge (yes that hard to make image with Ryu blue eyes arms crosses.)

His work on DMC is awesome as well. I wish the artist Kinu was working on this too, but Ikeno's living up to it. You can see he is trying to honor Akiman's style (mouth / eyes)

strugler said...

gotta agree with you ikeno's art kicks serious ass, i will miss akiman's art but ikeno is making up for it.

True Ryu said...

i think akiman will still do more SF later on, but i thinkin in this project its all ikeno.

Anonymous said...

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