Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Selling Street Fighter!

Continuing their coverage of the street fighter month, the folks at added a new article labeled "Selling Street Fighter" the article shows the different products that are street fighter related and how well (or bad) they did in the market.
The article feels a bit too rushed. It skips some important products like the amazing Street Fighter II animated movie (mentioned in only one line) as well as the astonishing Udon comic series while emphasizing on some crappy products like the horrible Shit-like Jean Claude Vandam movie and American cartoons.
If you ask me the article should have been a bit longer than what it is.

Anyway, it is a Street Fighter related article so its worth checking.




True Ryu said...

These kind of updates by game magazines in order to entice and implant hype are always kind of lackluster to true fans. But I hope that people who lost their way with SF find it again through this popular magazine.

Still a good find.

Anonymous said...

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