Friday, January 4, 2008

German magazine confirms Akuma/Gouki in SFIV ?

German magazine "Maniac" has a five pages SFIV preview on their latest issue. I was checking the scans (which i can provide if somebody can translate the whole thing) and i noticed something about akuma, so i went ahead and taranslated the paragraph using babel fish and here is the rough translation i got:

names of such putting arene prugelrupen as ryu, ken, honda, blanka or chunli were to be read, as steam turbine and gas turbine system lured beside trainings an arena placeplace place the USA, Russia, Brazil and China a short view in from ono bring along story book bestatigte besides one arise the ore rogue akuma. after a missing load time went it loose: the duel that duel, which duel ryu approximately ken before the window blind of an animated, fernostlichen marktstrabe

Text in german: namen von solch legendaren prugelrupen wie ryu, ken, honda, blanka oder chunli waren zu lesen, als stages lockten neben einer trainings arena die schauplatze usa, russland, brasilien und china. ein kurzer blick in ein von ono mitgebrachtes story book bestatigte zudem einen auftritt des erzschurken akuma. nach einer nicht vorhandenen ladezeit ging es los: das duell der duell, der zweikampf ryu gegen ken vor der kulisse einer belebten, fernostlichen marktstrabe.

The article also had a rough ikeno sketch of a bulky pissed off bandana less Ryu, which i attached to this post.
Again, if anybody speaks german and is will to translate or at least give the major points of the article plz let me know in the comments section and leave your email i will email you the scans asap.


mad monkey said...

WHOA!!! is ryu being played by Arnold Shwarzneiger in this game or what?!?!?

Shin gouken said...

YESSSSS akuma is in it. best discovery since the discovery on the moon.

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