Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New SF4 female character revealed, her name is: Crimson Viper?

The french blog have published the scans from the new famitsu magazine that has a preview of the much anticipated video game Street Fighter 4.
The article is in japanese but according to a french translation from jeux-france:

- the famitsu team has played the game, and it does feel like a street fighter 2 and nothing like the EX series (hopefully this will end the debate for people who says this is ex4)

- According to Ono, capcom is working a new mode called classic mode no further details were revealed.

- Ryu and ken have similar fighting styles to their sf2 couterpart instead of sf3 (i guess we already saw that)

-A new character was revealed: a female character by the strange (and out of place) name of Crimson Viper (picture above), the character power will be flame and fire based.

- Famitsu team saw a bunch of new characters but are not allowed to say anything abt them.

As far as the new character goes, i dont know if i am the only one but she looks a bit too king of fighterish, the attire and all she really looks to me that she is from king of fighter maximum impact. Im a bit worried about the look of the other new characters but let's see, also Crimson viper is not a cool street fighter name dont you think so :S ?

Check the Famitsu Scans:Scan 1 and scan2

News source: jeux-france
Crimson viper pic source (Great Thanx to Yurinka): capcom town


hadou master said...

The bitch looks ugly!!!

chun-li's husband said...

classic mode? YAAAYYYY

mad monkey said...

she reminds me a lot of v russo, which is not good sign

strugler said...

yes indeed, she is really different from what we are used to in the street fighter world

Mr Bison sir said...


sf related nickname said...

Crimson Viper is a GI Joe name.

The Grey Ghost said...

I agree that she looks like an SNK character. I think that Capcom's strongest characters have been simple designs that are based on archetypes. At first glance, Crimson Viper's outfit is stylish, but you don't know what to make of her.

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