Friday, January 11, 2008

Official SFIV website is now live! is the official Japanese website for the much anticipated video game street fighter IV.
The website has a real nice look with nice catchy music that i cant get out of my head :). The website offers a news section (which is unfortunately in japanese only), a gallery section and character section. This last one has what appears to the bios of Ryu, Ken, and C.Viper (i am really getting used to her design and started digging it).
I would have loved to understand what is written in each of their Bios, im in the process of finding someone who can translate that to us.
In the meantime, check the cool looking website and enjoy the catchy music.

Check the official Street Fighter IV website here


fom_the_hood said...

DANG man, what a cool song! anybody speaks japanese here? who is the viper lady?

Anonymous said...

the new street fighter character...crimson viper

Anonymous said... all the fighting news ull ever need

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