Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Interview

Finally some "NEW" news about STFHD. The folks at sat down with David Sirlin and talked about the upcoming downloadable title. Sirlin talks about a bit about the development of the game and also addresses some issues like the D-pad and the xbox live size limit. Unfortunately still no mention of a release date nor any new footage.

From the interview: " What's your take on the reaction from die-hard fans of the series to the changes you are implementing with SSF2THDRemix?

DS: It's been interesting to watch. At first, the reaction was pretty overwhelmingly negative. I was told more than 100 times from all sorts of people (and I mean that literally) that a rebalanced ST could not improve on the original. I think that was the knee-jerk reaction of a lot of die-hard fans, yet I just continued working on it during that time because I could picture these improvements in my mind's eye. "

To read the whole interview click here