Monday, January 28, 2008

Video of the Day: Street Fighter Action figures cheesy commercial

Today's video for the video of the day segment is two SF gi Joe cheesy commercials running back to back.
Man talk about hilarious, they even have bison CRIMSON CRUISER and Guile's SONIC BOOM TANK for you to purchase, you know those vehicles that never existed nor talked about in the game, yeah those ones.
Enjoy the awesomeness.

ps: Check the realistic ninja move at 00:14
ps2: what's a dhalsim LOL


You know who said...

"Q: what's tougher than a Capcom Street Fighter?!
A: a Street Fighter's mother?!"

B-boy05 said...

Did he really say a street fighter's mother? what the fuck LOL

Mad monkey said...

LOOOOL Blanka is taking chun-li for a ride in guile's sonic boom car. We probably should let the cops know that possible raping might occur.

Unohu said...

yea big feral monster plus asian girl in chinese garb....thats got bad news written all over it

lol at blanka providing the electricity source for the SFII sign to light up

to think they hired adults and put the work into making costumes for this commercial... ah man

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